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Plan and Prep My Launch For Online Businesses

Guess what? You’re an event planner. If you’ve ever started a business, launched a website or just put together a networking lunch, you’re an event planner. When you host an online “event,” you need some help. Whether it’s a group program, a new service package, online summit or whatever, you need some help to take it to the next step. 

2018 is just around the corner. Anytime you do something new online you are essentially launching or hosting an event and you need a plan for that. You want someone who has experienced planning and organizing things to come in and help you launch your next online event.

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Why Your Next Online Event Needs An Event Planner

You need someone to come in and help you look at things from the outside. It’s so easy when you’ve been excited about an idea for a while to plan your own launch out objectively and strategically.

Your launch plan may need some tweaking, or someone else can provide some new avenues for you to pursue. Your launch strategist/ online event planner will look at your current systems and your schedule and make sure everything is ready.

Your launch planner will make sure:

  • You have the right systems in place. From your CRM, course platform to your email provider.
  • Deadlines are being remembered and met.
  • That everything is ready to go so that you can focus on getting your message and marketing done.

Your packages shouldn’t suffer because you are wearing too many hats. You need someone who has your back and can handle problems before you even know they arise.

If you have done huge level launches or haven’t launched before but have been building your business for a while, you need someone who can basically be your freelance COO during your launch. Your right hand, the Laverne to your Shirley.

I’m here to make sure your needs are met, your plans are executed, and your next online event is da bomb dot com!

What’s included in Plan and Prep My Launch? 

  • Launch systems set up project management.
  • Launch client/lead care.
  • Bi-Weekly Calls
  • Weekly summary emails updates and client communication.
  • Client email support

You’re done wasting your time on spreadsheets and mundane task. You work in your zone of genius, I’ll work in mine and together we got this.

Make your 2018 launch your least stressful launch yet!

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