Post Publish Checklist to Get Traffic

Post Publish Checklist

You’ve done it, you just finished one more final proof. Everything looks perfect, you anxiously hit PUBLISH on what you know is a great post. All you have to do now is wait for the comments and page views to pour in, right? Wrong. No matter how good your post is, how pinnable your graphic is, your work is far from over. If you want to get the page views you know your post deserves you can’t close your laptop and claim mission accomplished, you have to get you post in front of people. Right now I receive about 35,000 page views per month and I’ll tell you straight up it’s not because I hit publish and call it a day. It’s because I market the shit out of each post.

Social Media
The first and most obvious thing to do is share it on your social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and Google +. Then share it on your personal Facebook page. Make sure that that awesome graphic is there. Write a sneak peek description that makes people want to read more and ask a question that gets people engaged. Be sure you are sharing multiple times over the next week on Twitter.

If you aren’t actively using StumbleUpon not only are you missing out finding great new content to read and enjoy but you are missing out on a major traffic source. I just checked my own Google Analytics and StumbleUpon is my second highest social media referral.
Like any social media platform you can’t be selfish on StumbleUpon and be a success, but unlike others, it can hurt you and limit your ability to benefit from the platform. I post on my blog normally 2 times a week and always share on StumbleUpon as a part of my automatic marketing. For each of the posts, I share on StumbleUpon I probably stumble 20-30 other posts from other sites. Remember folks, sharing is caring.

Related blogger groups
Facebook is such a great source for blog traffic because….I’ll let you guess…..come on you know this one…..okay I’ll tell you. Bloggers read blogs! If you haven’t checked out my post Blogger Facebook Groups 101 check it out, as well 4 Tips for Leaving Comments and Creating Connections. Just like StumbeUpon give to get. Don’t just share you link and go, comment and interact with other blogger’s posts. If there is no mandatory comment limit in the thread I try to at least comment on 3 of other blogger’s posts.

Digg is an article and video platform sharing and showcasing the best of the internet. While I can’t give you the numbers of impressions with Digg, the platform is so easy I don’t know why you wouldn’t at least try. You can sign up for an account or use your Twitter or Facebook account to sign in and share your link. That’s all.

I am a huge fan of the Blogher/She Knows community. I fell in love with Blogher last year when I attended Blogher 15 and have even been lucky enough to have my posts featured on their homepage a few times. Blogher allows members to repost their content on their platform. It’s a great way to be seen if your piece is picked up on the front page. If you haven’t signed up for a BlogHer account do it!

Just list Digg and Blogher Medium is an article sharing site. It allows you to post using the blogs link and make edits before publishing. Easy peasy.

Email List
Just like your social media list, hopefully, this one goes without saying, but in case it doesn’t I’m saying it. If you don’t have an email list start building it and make sure you are sharing your content with the list. Just because someone liked your blog enough to subscribe doesn’t mean that it is on the forefront of their mind and they have your posting schedule memorized. Just make sure your email is more than a bunch of links.

Share with people who would want to read and share your content
Search your keywords that relate to the blog topic on Twitter. See if people are asking questions your post answers and share it with them. If you mention another blogger’s post let them know. It can be an email telling them how much you enjoyed their piece and sharing a link to it or as simple as a tweet says “Hey shout out to @____ in my new post on interval training.”

These actions will add to your to-do list but can provide awesome results with not a huge amount of effort.
What is something you always do after you hit publish? What is your biggest source of traffic? Are there any post sharing site you use not listed?

Get the Printable Checklist here!

Post Publish Checklist

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