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The Power of Strategic PR in Online Business with Brittney Lynn

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I talk with my friend Brittney from I’ve known Brittney for a while, we actually met in a Twitter chat and she became one of my first online business friends. I’ve watched Brittney’s business explode over the past few years and I can promise you there is a lot of value in this episode. Brittney does strategic public relations for online businesses and is the creator and host of the podcast A Day In The Life. If you want to step up your Public Relations game in 2018 then you need to listen to this episode and visit Brittney’s website.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why public relations is so valuable for online businesses.
  • An exercise for discovering the story behind your business that will allow people to connect with your brand.
  • How she and her husband paid off 50K of debt so she could start her own business.
  • The one thing she can’t do without (Hint: it’s probably on a lot of your list).
  • The three things she thinks everyone should do to take care of themselves.


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[bctt tweet=”PR is free. It’s free marketing you just have to pitch yourself.” username=”brittneyllynn”]

[bctt tweet=”Hiring someone to do your PR removes some of the personal stress of being rejected.” username=”diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”Doing PR doesn’t have an exact ROI but it is very valuable for building your brand.” username=”Brittneyllynn”]

[bctt tweet=”You need to know and hone in on your story.” username=”Brittneyllynn”]

[bctt tweet=”Sit down and write about your experiences that lead you to this moment. You need to know your story.” username=”Brittneyllynn”]

[bctt tweet=”People want to know your story. They want to know the story behind the brand.” username=”Brittneyllynn”]

[bctt tweet=”Things take time. Deep breaths and baby steps.” username=”Diadoll”]

[bctt tweet=”Just take the two-inch step. Basically, take the baby step. ” username=”Brittneyllynn”]


You can find Brittney here:

Why your online business needs a PR plan.

A Day In The Life Podcast 







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Woodland Hills Church

Dave Ramsey’s Snowball Method 

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  1. Emily Michelle Fata

    Throughout 2017, I’ve tackled the big goal of “TRAVEL BLOGGING” and trying to make a living out of it. I started off with a new blog (after having started and shut down various blogs over the years), this time promising myself that I would write about whatever I felt I needed to, and travel around the world while doing it. I’ve invested a lot of time and love into my blog and related social media accounts and as a result, slowly but surely, I’ve grown from zero followers to a substantial following on my blog, 100 000+ monthly views on my Pinterest, 35 000+ followers on my Instagram account, and have begun mastering Final Cut Pro, the video editing software I plan to use in my vlogging for 2018. 🙂

  2. Venus Fitness And Lifestyle

    Some great tips here, i will reference this article when establishing my 2018 goals. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nisi O'Ruairc

    My brand is evolving… started as just a fun way to share my travels and now it’s becoming something else all-together. I”m a work in progress 🙂

  4. Patricia

    Never thought about PR being free. I am very uncomfortable with pitching my brand, but trying to get out there more. This is awesome and I am going to check out

  5. Alicia Taylor

    I have tackled several big goals – both personally and professionally. I am a firm believer in making small changes because those become habits faster.

  6. Are We Adults Yet?

    This looks super interesting – I love that you can meet business friends on twitter 🙂 Downloading this episode to listen to on my commute!

  7. Melinda

    I’m always looking for ways to better connect with my readers. Thanks for giving us some actionable ideas for connecting! Let’s make 2018 our best year yet!

  8. Evelyn Lo Foreman

    I love the integration of PR and story telling. Story telling is indelibly part of our human culture and connects us with others, including our customers.

  9. Vasundhra Singh

    I never knew about PR being free. It was an eye opener for me! I am glad that Brittney is compiling resources that can benefit small online businesses.

  10. Luci Cook

    I didn’t know that they had so much PR and its free. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Emily Liou

    Wow that’s amazing PR can be free I’m going to have to look into it!

  12. Brittney L Lynn

    Hey Emily! Yes PR is absolutely free! Happy to help answer any questions you have <3

  13. Brittney L Lynn

    Yaaaahooo yes PR is totally free! Hope you enjoyed the episode!

  14. Brittney L Lynn

    Yaaay, glad to have you listening in Vasundhra! Can’t wait to see you start using PR to grow your biz!

  15. Brittney L Lynn

    Preach it Evelyn!! I SO agree! Story telling is the best type of selling, because it’s just sharing who you inherently are!

  16. Brittney L Lynn

    Yes, it’s true, you totally can meet people through Twitter! Dia and I got to meet in person a few months ago too, it was amazing!

  17. Brittney L Lynn

    Abso-freaking-lutley Alicia! Little by little things get done and amazing things start to happen.

  18. Brittney L Lynn

    It can be totally uncomfortable but once you start doing it, it gets easier and easier!

  19. Brittney L Lynn

    We’re all a work in progress, Nisi. Excited that you’re tuning in 🙂

  20. Brittney L Lynn

    Awesome! Best of luck creating your 2018 goals and can’t wait to see you crush it!

  21. Brittney L Lynn

    Girl, you are doing amazing!!! Congrats! Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for you!

  22. Crystal Gareau

    I had no idea that there was such amazing and free PR. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  23. Amy

    How fun to see you linking to Woodland Hills Church – it’s my fave 🙂 These are some great episode themes and tips. Thanks for taking time to do them and share.

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