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The Power of Strategic PR in Online Business with Brittney Lynn

In this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I talk with my friend Brittney from I’ve known Brittney for a while, we actually met in a Twitter chat and she became one of my first online business friends. I’ve watched Brittney’s business explode over the past few years and I can promise you there is a lot of value in this episode. Brittney does strategic public relations for online businesses and is the creator and host of the podcast A Day In The Life. If you want to step up your Public Relations game in 2018 then you need to listen to this episode and visit Brittney’s website.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why public relations is so valuable for online businesses.
  • An exercise for discovering the story behind your business that will allow people to connect with your brand.
  • How she and her husband paid off 50K of debt so she could start her own business.
  • The one thing she can’t do without (Hint: it’s probably on a lot of your list).
  • The three things she thinks everyone should do to take care of themselves.


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PR is free. It's free marketing you just have to pitch yourself. Click To Tweet Hiring someone to do your PR removes some of the personal stress of being rejected. Click To Tweet Doing PR doesn't have an exact ROI but it is very valuable for building your brand. Click To Tweet You need to know and hone in on your story. Click To Tweet Sit down and write about your experiences that lead you to this moment. You need to know your story. Click To Tweet People want to know your story. They want to know the story behind the brand. Click To Tweet Things take time. Deep breaths and baby steps. Click To Tweet Just take the two-inch step. Basically, take the baby step. Click To Tweet


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Why your online business needs a PR plan.

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Dave Ramsey’s Snowball Method 

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