Prep & Plan My Launch

 Prep & Plan My Launch

Your last launch was super successful, it was also super stressful. You are on the brink of burnout if you don’t have the right team in place to master this next launch. You open your email and see that you are still getting client inquiries from your last launch. That’s it! It’s time to hire someone who can plan your launch and manage your team so you can focus on being the CEO of your business.

You need a project manager you can trust to take care of your business.

You need Plan and Prep My Launch!

Plan and Prep My Launch is a one on one service where I plan out your launch calendar and set up the corresponding systems and client engagement. We work together to determine what materials your potential clients get, when and how they get them. Templates are created in advance to address potential lead inquiries. Your systems are monitored to be sure they are running smoothly. You can focus on your marketing and message while I focus on the vital moving parts behind the scenes.

What does life look like after Plan and Prep My Launch?

  • Your clients and leads feel listened to and cared for.
  • You have more time to book more clients (aka make more money).
  • You aren’t wasting your valuable time on annoying spreadsheets, repeating mundane tasks and second-guessing your systems.
  • You go straight to the documents and files you need when talking to clients so you look professional AF.
  • People want to work with you again and refer all their friends to you.


  • You can enjoy a good hamburger and a bottle of wine without looking at your phone and checking emails.
  • Increase your client days (increase your cash flow).
  • You’re no longer losing time you could be spending on landing your dream clients on admin tasks.
  • You can actually enjoy your weekends during your launch.
  • You have time to work on your hobbies and do fun things like tubing or seeing live comedy shows.

How do I sign up and what happens next?

    • Click the “Let’s do this button”
    • One the next page you will be able to select the payment option that works best for you.
    • After you’ve selected your payment option you will be able to schedule your first call and make your down payment.
    • After your payment is made you will need to fill out your intake form.
    • After you’ve submit your intake form you will receive your contact.
  • Once you’ve signed your contract you will receive your welcome package and we will get started!

What’s Included?

  • Launch systems set up project management.
  • Launch client/lead care.
  • Bi-Weekly Calls
  • Weekly summary emails updates and client communication.

This package typically lasts 2-3 months.


I’m Dia Darling and I’m a time tamer. I’m here to answer your business prayers, organize your amazing ideas and create custom plans to make your vision a reality.  For years I’ve been helping businesses of all kinds gets their message and services into the world.  I’ve worked with 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs to change the lives of their clients. I’ve planned events, project managed conferences and launches. From teams of one to teams of double digits, I got you!

This Package Is For You If:

  • You’re a coach, freelancer or online business owner.
  • You feel like you don’t have enough time.
  • Admin tasks are dominating what time you do have to work on your business.
  • You’re sick of feeling overwhelmed, behind on work and stagnant in your business.
  • You’ve launched before and have a successful business but need some help so you can get back to the things you care about.

This Package Isn’t For You If:

  • You have no interest in online organization.
  • You are married to paper systems for your business and won’t even consider a trial separation.
  • You want to do all the things and aren’t good at letting other people take the reigns.



    • What if my business is new? Or I’m not a business owner at all?
    • This service is a two-month commitment for established businesses that are looking for help managing clients and planning their next lunch. Thanks to the power of technology there are tons of free applications on the web. While I can recommend free and paid apps and systems to increase your productivity and organization, we can do what fits your needs and budget.
    • Do you only take clients in the United States? 
  • No! I welcome clients from all over the world but all payments must be in U.S. currency. I only provide client support in the English language.