Preparing to Scale Your Business With Jenny of Confetti Social

This week I talked to Jenny, founder of Confetti Social. We dive into self-care, transitioning into your business, client boundaries and so much more. Jenny serves online business owners by helping them get their name and their brand out into the word with strategic social media. If you’re ready to scale your business there are so many helpful nuggets in this interview. 

In this episode:

  • How she discovered the power behind Pinterest.
  • The way she transitioned from being an employee to being a boss in her twenties.
  • Setting boundaries in your life in business.
  • How she is transitioning her business from solopreneur to agency (Sneak Peak: Systems!)
  • How she is preparing herself mentally to run her agency.
  • Why she makes the little self-care things a priority.
  • How she sets boundaries and manages client expectations.

Listen Here:

About Jenny

Jenny is a social media strategist + coach that helps female entrepreneurs uplevel their biz one social media post at a time. She also hosts the Savvy Social Hour podcast which strives to help passionate women uplevel their businesses and become rockstar entrepreneurs in no time. When she’s not working on her business or recording podcast episodes, she’s hanging out with her hubby and Goldendoodle pup.

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  • How do you manage your to-do list/project management?
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  • If you’re a full-time business owner, how did you make the transition from your day job to your business?
  • What is your go-to routine for self-care?
  • What is something you make sure you do every day in your life or business?