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Announcements and Social Media Blab Tonight!

Hello My Loves,

I just wanted to drop in and let you know there will not be a regular blog post today. I will be back Monday with a fun post, I hope you all will enjoy, so be sure to check back. 🙂

I have been super busy with a couple of things so I wanted to make a few quick announcement:

After almost 3 years with my company I will be transitioning to a role at a Digital Marketing Agency on February 29th. I am beyond excited 🙂 for this opportunity to further my career and grow my knowledge of social media.

Guess what the move I learn and grow in this position the more first hand real world knowledge I have to share with you kick-ass people! I will be moving from a in-house Marketing Specialist to an Agency role and it’s kind of a dream of mine. So I’m so glad it’s happening.

Also tonight I will be apart of a social media round table. If you haven’t signed up to view it, you can do so here. Tonight only 2/11/16 at 9 P.M. ET.

I am doing this Blab with 3 awesome women.

Our host: Samantha Parker from Hype Social Strategies 

Also find her on Twitter,  Pinterest

Jessica from Social Concepts Consulting  

Also find her on Twitter , Facebook, Pinterest , Instagram

Shayla (more info to updated) Twitter

Be sure to check back here for the link to the video if you can’t make the live roundtable (I know TGIT aka Shondaland aka the best night of TV comes back on tonight #teamjake).

This is going to be some good stuff, so I hope you can check it out.


My final announcement…drumroll please….

My E-course will be available for pre-sale next month!

And….presale will be at a discounted rate! Holla! So get it while it’s hot! I am so excited to bring this product to you and believe me it will be amazing. More details to come soon. I am so excited about sharing this with you guys!


Be sure to bookmark this page, I will be updating it with more information as the day progresses.

Have a beautiful Thursday and whatever you do, do it for love,



  1. Clare Speer

    Wow – you have a lot of exciting things going on and congrats on your new role at your job! Sounds exciting! Lots of fun stuff going on! Congrats!

  2. Dia

    Thanks Clare! I’m so crazyed right now but I love it 🙂

  3. Alexa

    Congrats! Would love to check out your e-Course, sounds very informative!

  4. Dia

    That’s it really will be. I’ll be sharing more details soon.

  5. GiGi Eats


  6. Dia

    Thanks Gigi!

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