Representations of Mental Health in Pop Culture

Representations of Mental Health in Pop Culture

About This Episode:

After a hit of inspiration one night at 2 am I sat down to record this love letter to this powerful song about mental health. 

I believe the song can speak for itself so no need for full show notes on this one. 

But I will say this. 

In a society where we are constantly consuming. Where our YouTube feed, if yours is anything like mine, is filled with a mix of true crime, motivational videos, throwback jams and DIY, it was really great that this song played after I listened to Miley’s new song Flowers (talk about a power ballad). 

I had never heard of this artist or song before but the second I heard it I fell in love. Everytime I hear it I feel so seen like I could have written it myself if I could have found the words. 

I’d also like to note how important it is to me to be accessible to all people regardless of their abilities and I will make the time to upload the episode transcript for the hearing impaired. I really wanted to get this episode out this week because it felt like it was a true cosmic download for me.  

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Numb Little Bug  – Song Lyrics 

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Now I want to hear from you: What song, movie, book or show made you feel less alone in your mental health journey? Have a mental health story you want to share? If you’d like to be a guest and share your story you can submit your info here

I’m considering making this a recurring theme where I talk about something in pop culture. In 2023 I’d like to support entrepreneurs even more in their mental health journey and I want to build this community together. 

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