Season 2 Finale: A Year in Review

All right, thank you so much for joining me today because this is a big episode for two reasons. This is the season two finale. And it is also the last episode of 2019. Now I have to say you guys 2019 has probably been one of my best years ever in so many different ways. And I am just so excited to kind of go through some of the last year with you talk about what you can expect in 2020, which is also weird to say, 2020. And to share some clips from some of my favorite episodes from season two.

So, I want to kick off with a clip from Episode 80, with my interview with Amy Bradbury.

Empowered and Profitable With Amy Bradbury

Now, the reason I wanted to share that clip with you guys is because, first of all, I loved talking to Amy and Amy is an accountant for women business owners. And what her agency does is just really help women business owners decide what they want their life to look at and how they can do that financially. And it’s not about there’s not enough money and got to go around. It’s not about, “Oh, you’re being greedy.” It’s not about, “Oh, you need to make a million and a half dollars.” It’s about what is what are those numbers for you? And I think for me, that was such a huge revelation that this year because this is probably the first year of my entire adult life that I wasn’t kind of living in a feast and famine mode, even before I started my business where I was working a nine to five, but it was just like, “I’m making just enough to get by.” I wasn’t able to save and I wasn’t able to get the things that I wanted. Even though I would make certain things happen, but it wasn’t where I was financially secure. And I’m still building I’m still in the process of paying off debt and saving a little nest egg. But this year was just eye-opening to me that I can make decent money and that I can be happy and that I can do the things that I want to do without wondering, “Crap, what am I going to eat I’m going to I’m going to be stuck on eating ramen and wieners because I needed to get a new tire,” and the funny thing is in early December, I’d come back from a trip to California and hadn’t driven my car in a couple of days, and I went out to go get food or something, and my car wouldn’t start. And it turns out that I needed to get a new battery. And it was a very, very frustrating situation because of the timing of it and the things that I had planned that day, but I just was so grateful because for the first time I knew I could buy the battery and I wouldn’t have to be like crap, how am I going to eat? How am I gonna pay my credit card bill? Because I’m finally in a place where I feel like a financial adult…only took 30 years.

I wanted to share that with you guys just because a lot of what I’ve learned this year is it’s rewriting our money story, rewriting our beliefs around money, and just really being educated in what we want and what we can do and what’s available to us.

The next clip I want to share is with Cami Farey. I’m gonna let you listen to the clip and then I’ll share my thoughts.

Designing a Business You Love With Cami Farey

Now, the reason that I wanted to share this clip with Cami is I feel like we have so much guilt around, not feeling grateful for the opportunities in our life. And that we have to accept that sometimes it’s not that we’re not ungrateful, we just know that there’s something different or something more for us out there. And I feel like a lot of people feel that way, especially when they’re trying to make that transition from a nine to five into their own business, or they decided to leave a client. I dealt with that this year where I felt like yes, it was a really hard situation, but I should be grateful and they pay me on time and all of that jazz, but the truth of the matter is, if something isn’t fulfilling you it’s completely okay to say you, “I appreciate the opportunity, but I am ready for something else. There’s something else out there for me,” and not feel guilty around it. And I think that’s a really hard lesson that I had to learn this year that I’m constantly relearning. Because when I shut that door, and I move past those emotions of feeling like I was ungrateful or I was being soft or whatever so many more opportunities opened up for me. I know that I think 2019 was one of the best years that I’ve had. But I do want to clarify that that shift took place in July. So the first half of the year wasn’t the best year ever. It wasn’t horrible. But the change and the growth that happened this year is what makes me look back on 2019 with gratefulness and gratitude and just joy for the things that I’ve experienced the things that I’ve learned, the changes I’ve made and the shifts that have happened for me.

And that’s why I think this next clip with my interview with Meg Sutton is so timely and it fits into what came in

From Wholesale to Brick and Mortar with Meg Sutton

The reason that I love this clip is that she talks about how you know, you make a shift and the things that you would have been excited about a year ago, probably, or maybe they aren’t what you’re excited about this year, but that doesn’t mean you burn the house down. She didn’t tell Target, “Nah, nevermind, I don’t want to do it.” Because of the cards that they picked. She decided to guess I’m going to take this opportunity. But I’m also going to decide what a shift looks like. And I’m going to do this in a way that feels good for me and listen to my intuition and know that it’s okay to want to shift and grow and change.

I just love that clip. Now, this next clip is from a solo episode. And I feel like the more I play these clips for you guys, I’m realizing that there was just really a big theme of alignment for me in 2019. And in this episode was Five Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Out of Alignment. Let me go ahead and play the clip. 

I think that this question is something that I asked myself, really, that opened a bunch of doors for me. I remember when I was in the process of thinking of ending that relationship with the client that I mentioned above, or before and someone was like, Well, what are you getting out of it? And my initial action, my initial response to that was X amount of dollars a month. Like, for me, it was like, that was a big deal. And then once I ended it, I was able to just really open up myself to be able to make so much more. But that wasn’t even when I really thought about what am I doing What do I get out of it, I realized that I was in this place of I was feeling like I was being loyal. And I felt like I wanted to be grateful for the opportunity and just so many different things that were so much more than the money that I was making, that I didn’t get to be able to identify it in order to let go.

This next clip is also from another solo episode where I talked about 4 Non-Business Things I Do To Improve My Business and this is a clip where I just talk about actually just getting my groceries delivered, and the guilt and the shame that I feel felt around that and how I came to understand that it was okay.

I don’t know if you watch the show, crazy ex-girlfriend. It ended last year after four amazing, fun seasons. But in season two, there’s a song that she does (it’s a musical, romantic comedy). But it’s called Love Kernels. And she says it’s the little things and when I listened to that clip, all I can think of is it’s the little things. It’s not about making these big, huge, crazy drastic changes that completely throw you off and make you feel

unstable. It’s about just like the little things that you can do to make life better. It’s not about throwing out every ounce of bread and sugar in your house and only eating kale. It’s about adding in a green smoothie every morning and slowly building on that. And while it’s like, I’m sure there are some people are like, yeah, I get my groceries delivered whatever. Like they don’t realize when you stop and think of the benefit and what that provides to you and what that opens up for you. 

This next clip is with my love, I adore this woman and Hannah Taylor Johnson. We talked a little bit a lot about setting boundaries. Let me just clarify this by saying I am from the School of having packages and having offerings so that people aren’t just, you know, overwhelmed with all the options out there, but the thing is, you get to a point where you realize people do need a little bit of flexibility and customization and yes, you should have packages on your website, and offerings that way, it’s a starting point. But if you aren’t flexible and won’t make customizations is gonna probably stop you from working with some people and also limit your opportunities. And sometimes it’s just a matter of tweaking a few things and still starting with that package as a base, but just really looking and making the other person feel comfortable as well as yourself. So I love this clip. 

Setting Boundaries and Making Biz Friends with Hannah Taylor-Johnson

This next clip is from one of my favorite episodes, it’s a solo episode, but it’s one of my favorites and it’s How To Stop “Shoulding” All Over Yourself.

Okay. So that is the last clip that I’m going to share today because

I could go on and on and share a clip from every single episode because Season Two was so much fun. And I felt like I was so much more comfortable in this whole podcasting arena, as well as just had some amazing guests. So, first, I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time out to interview with me for season two, they shared their wisdom and their brilliance. Then I also want to thank you guys for listening to season two. And I’m so excited for season three. I already have some interviews and episodes recorded I have the whole first quarter plan, and it’s going to be amazing and enlightening and fun.

The next episode will be releasing soon the season three premiere, where I will share my word of the gear, my plans for 2020 and just all the yummy goodness to come. So again, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this and also thank you for just being who you are for putting your gifts out into the world and for being open to listening to my

thoughts, my opinions, my guest advice and just all the things out there because what you do matters and you deserve a balanced happy life you deserve to be successful, as well as happy. So until season three, I’ll catch you next time.

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