September 2016 Goals

September 2016 Goals

Happy September party people! I love that it is almost Fall! It means less allergy issues for me, college football, fall t.v. and boots! I am super excited about all the different things coming up! August was a great month for me for multiple reasons and also very busy. Lets jump right into the recap.

August Goals Recap

Personal Goals

  • Read one book this month.

I did it! I read The Boyfriend Game and it was great! It was this young adult fiction book about this soccer player who is sick of all of her friends going gaga for boys now that they are in high school. All she wants is to get one of the coveted spots on the school’s varsity girls soccer team. She wants it so much but things get put into perspective when she finds herself  going gaga when she meets a player on the boy’s varsity team with the same drive and passion for the game. I loved this book it was cute and a real page turner.

I also got the chance to read, Words with Steve Jobs by Brain Barton. This is something I think anyone in the tech industry might enjoy. As a writer, Barton does a great job of setting the stage and although it is a short essay there is something that can be learned from his boldness of just reaching out to Steve Jobs. As someone who has had my fair share of celebrity encounters I can appreciate the “fan boy aspect.”

  • Have a great time at Blogher 16! Hopefully, see my friend Jorge is LA and follow up with all of the awesome people I am sure to meet.

Sadly I didn’t get to see my friend Jorge but I had an amazing time at the conference. You can read about it here.

  • Work on the creative idea I had out at the river house.

I didn’t get any writing done on this project because I have been going full steam ahead preparing for my e-course launch but more about that later.

Blog and Freelance Goals

  • Have 415 Facebook page likes

428! Yay. Hopefully, I’ll be at 500 by years end. 

  • Have 2100 Twitter Followers

2224! Wow, I am just floored by this. I have been working so hard on my engagement, retweeting, liking posts and responding to other people’s tweets.

  • Have 705 Instagram Followers

783! I can’t say for sure but I think this has been my biggest month over month growth on Instagram. This is partially a result of all the bloggers I met at Blogher and being more active in on Instagram. I’ve been looking at other bloggers based on certain hashtags my brand relates to and  engaging with them. 

  • Have 600 Pinterest Followers

621. I’ve been pinning A LOT more! I’ve been pinning like crazy! 

  • Create at least one new resource for my Resource Library

I have a few scheduled to come out this upcoming month and I’m excited to share them.

  • Post at least 5 times this month

6 Woot woot! 

  • Publish 1 post on another site.

I didn’t even reach out to anyone about this, this month. To be honest, I have been so focused on my e-course/ launch. But I am trying to work out some promotional post swaps for the launch.

  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day engaging on each of the above social media sites. That means repinning, responding to tweets of others or seeing what their links are, etc.

Done! Check out those stats! 

  • Update 4 older posts

Not there yet. I think I got 2 updated.

Health and Fitness

  • Walk 7,000 steps a day

Call me Forest Gump ’cause I was a walkin’.

  • Track all my meals

I didn’t track all my means but I was much more mindful of what I ate.

  • Make meals at home 80% of the time or only eat out 4 times of the week.

Luckily I’ve been trying to save money so I have been cooking a lot of fish and grilled or baked chicken. I am really proud of how well I’ve been eating this month.

  • Go to a gym class at least 3 times a week.

I think the only week I didn’t hit this was when I was at BlogHer but I don’t even feel bad because I was walking at least 10,000 steps on those days.

September Goals

Personal Goals

  • Read one book this month.
  • Clean out the books and papers in my office.

Blog and Freelance Goals

  • Finish the scheduling for the e-course marketing.
  • Have 440 Facebook page likes
  • Have 2300 Twitter Followers
  • Have 800 Instagram Followers
  • Have 640 Pinterest Followers
  • Create at least one new Resource for my Resource Library
  • Post at least 7 times this month
  • Publish 1 post on another site.
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day engaging on each of the above social media sites. That means repinning, responding to tweets of others or seeing what their links are, etc.
  • Update 2 older posts

Health and Fitness

  • Walk 7,000 steps a day
  • Make meals at home 80% of the time or only eat out 4 times of the week.
  • Go to a gym class at least 3 times a week.

What are your big goals this month? How was your August?  Tell me in the comments.


  1. Candy

    Looking for a good read so will try find Boyfriend game. Bring on football I love it

  2. Dia

    I am so ready for football! If you’re into YA fiction it’s a good read.

  3. Sophia

    This is great that you write down your goals and it looks like you are achieving them.

  4. Carol Cassara

    I love your goal setting! It really is the only way===we only hit what we aim at, right?

  5. Liz Mays

    Love how your numbers are growing! Congratulations! Good luck in September too. 🙂

  6. Valerie

    These are excellent goals. The downside of Facebook is that even if you have thousands of followers it doesn’t matter because the engagements rates are so low no matter how much you work at it.

  7. Madeline Casey

    Wow! You did so good on your goals! This is really motivating. I should write this stuff down for myself too. I have all this stuff I want to do, but a goal not written down is just a wish, as they say!

  8. The Southern Thing

    Great goals! I need to work on getting my steps up too! 7,000 is a good number to shoot for!

  9. Maya

    Yes! Write your vision and make it plain! You can do it! Can’t wait to see each one get checked off 🙂

  10. Abby

    Great job in August! Your SM stats look great! I am so impressed with your IG numbers!

  11. Ashleigh

    Hey Dia, your goals for the month look great and so attainable! And congrats for meeting so many from last month! You are awesome!!! Happy September!

  12. Chelsea

    Have a BLAST at BlogHer!!! SO jealous.

  13. Jenny

    Good luck with your goals this month! I am sure you’ll kill them like always.

    xoxo, Jenny

  14. Dia

    It was in August… it was amazing.

  15. Dia

    Have a great month!

  16. Dia

    I love checking in with myself each month.

  17. Dia

    Thanks Jenny!

  18. Dia

    Thanks Abby!

  19. Dia

    Awe thanks Christine 🙂

  20. Dia

    Exactly Carol!

  21. Dia

    Thank you Liz!

  22. Dia

    It’s all about playing the algorithm game. LOL I work for a digital marketing company so I see it as just one more way to reach people. Not everyone will see all you post but if a few people do and they find value then I’m happy. The more the numbers grow the more chances. Social media is a numbers game and consistency. Don’t get discouraged.

  23. Dia

    Right! It’s a good build up.

  24. Dia

    Thanks Maya have great month!

  25. Dia

    It really does help me stay on track.

  26. Vet Leow

    Love is that you are very focused and specific in knowing what you wanted! I have been procrastinating on my goals as I am just so tired after work every day…your post reminded me to get goinnnng…. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  27. Dia

    Good luck Vet!

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