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Warning: This contains graphic details about my lady business so if you have man junk or don’t like talking about bodily functions than maybe read another post instead. (Here is a popular one!)

I hate my period. (I know, I know… Join the club.)

Normally women have periods once a month for 3-7 days, besides the fact you feel like you’re bleeding to death and there is a little person randomly punching you in the stomach, dealing with the actual….. situation… is annoying and let’s be honest kind of gross (Don’t throw that miracle of the female body shit at me…. . anyone who spends days bleeding gets to say they feel gross)

I hate constantly having to ask my girlfriends to check my ass to make sure there is no leaking.

I have lost so many pairs of cute underwear in this recurring battle of the menses. Not to mention having to go ahead and get black sheets (how very 16-year-old emo version of me).

Needless to say when I finally had health insurance, I jumped at the chance to get on birth control just to restrict my periods.

After over a year on the pill and about 5 super light (mostly) painless menstrual cycles I was in love with my pill. So when I got a respiratory infection and my  antibiotics interfered with them, resulting in a month-long period I was ready to rip out my lady bits.

(Again, sorry for the graphics) I would have two drops one day and then bleed through a tampon and pad the next day!

Before I got the nerve to call me doctor (to make sure I wasn’t dying) I went online looking for any solution to end my suffering.

(Side note: I know it can be scary and expensive, but when things are that irregular call your doctor! Better safe than sorry.)

I googled all kinds of tips, on how to stop or lighten your period. Most of the people asking just wanted to stop their period to have sex, their period was scheduled the same day as their wedding day or a big trip, their boyfriend was coming in from out of town, etc. I noticed a number of sites suggested using a menstrual cup. That’s when I discovered, “Softcup.” If I couldn’t stop my period, maybe I could at least stop it from cock blocking my life.


What is Softcup?

First of all it is not the DivaCup*, while the same general idea, the two products are very different.  The DivaCup is a reusable silicone bell shaped cup that is worn inside the vagina to collect menstrual flow. I haven’t personally used it and to be honest the design and texture intimidates me a little. The soft cup a flexible cup made of medical grade elastomer and polyethylene material, not silicone (same material used to make bottle nipples and catheters). There are currently 2 different types of Softcup the disposable one recommended for a 12-hour wear and then disposed of and the reusable Softcup which can be washed and reused for an entire menstrual cycle then thrown away.



How does it work

Simply. You squeeze the rim together and insert the soft cup into your vagina and the opening fits around the cervix to collect your flow. (I watched a lot of how it works videos on their site before attempting to use it).

I was very hesitant about using a Soft Cup the first time.

It took a few tries before I figured out how to insert it so that it would work properly and not leak, but now I love it! I don’t feel it when I’m wearing it. There is no mess or leakage when I sleep. I have actually rocked a pair of white shorts on my period without being nervous.

I don’t think I’ll ever buy tampons again!



  • No toxic shock syndrome- There is no association between toxic shock syndrome and Softcup like with tampons.
  • Sexy time friendly- You can have sex while using Softcup without you or your partner feeling it.
  • Long wear- You can wear up to 12 hours. Great if you don’t have time to run to the bathroom every 4 hours to change a tampon.
  • No gross odor- Because the blood never actually is exposed to air you don’t have to worry about that gross “period smell”.
  • You can do every you can do with a tampon- Swim, sports, you name it.


  • It takes getting used to- Like I said, it took a few tries before I got it right. Don’t think you will slide it in and it will be smooth sailing (if you’ve used Softcup and that did happen then you should know you’re the exception not the rule and I hate you). I think a lot of the negative reviews about Softcup are people who gave up too quickly.
  • It is tricky- I dropped 2 in the toilet trying to figure it out the first few days.
  • One size doesn’t fit all. Softcup does admit that for a small percentage of women the cup may not fit.



  • Wear a panty liner or light pad the first few times you use it while you figure out how it works with your body.
  • Try to start using it on a lighter day while you adjust.
  • Do yourself a favor and take it out in the shower, if that grosses you out then do it over the toilet, but I just feel like it’s a smoother transition in the shower.


*I’m not here to compare and contrast the differences between the two products I want someone who may be reading this and has unsuccessfully used a DivaCup to keep an open mind because they are actually very different products. You can read about each product on their websites.




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