Spring Cleaning Your Phone

Spring Cleaning Your Phone

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So I’ve been seeing a lot about Spring cleaning and I have yet to see anything about Spring Cleaning your phone so I decided to write one. 🙂

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I went to one of my best friend’s baby showers in March we played a fill in the blank scavenger game where you used your phone. 5 points if you have a picture of a baby, 2 points if the mother was one of the last 5 people you text, etc. One of the questions and the way I won, “How many names do you have in your phone that start with the letter B.”

I had a whopping 70!

That was the moment I had a “Wow get it together” realization haha.

Granted my messy phone let me win a pretty awesome prize, having an overcrowded phone can cause problems.

Having too many items on your phone can slow down it’s speed and we all hate that (damn instant gratification generation).

Have you ever texted someone something important like the location to meet up at or to tell them you are running late and get no response only to realize instead of texting your co-worker Manuel you texted some rando guy you met at a party 5 years ago and asked if he was coming to office photo day? (Yeah this did happen to me but he was cool. No wonder I got his number.)

Spring Cleaning Your Phone


So here are two some tips for spring cleaning your phone! Make time to sit down and really go through everything!

Delete people

I know it sounds horrible I bet that you only talk to 10% of your phone contacts on a regular basis and only really need the numbers of 50% of the people you have in your phone.

Obvious people to delete

  • Any names you look at and say “Who?”
  • Ex’s you aren’t friends with and have no desire to be friends with or get back together with. Bonus when they text you trying to get back in your life you can drop a “New phone who dis?” on them.
  • Duplicates or things that can be consolidated. Sometimes, I’ll have a person’s number and then we will exchange emails and my Google backup saves them as a completely different entry. Look for things like this, not only does it put all their contact info together, it allows you to be sure that you have the right person.
  • That ex-coworker or boss you haven’t talked to in years and would never want a job reference from.
  • Outdated info. You probably have that one friend or relative that changes their number like every 6 months (Why? Doesn’t that get expensive? What are you doing? Are you in witness protection? Should I be worried?) I have a friend who does this.. Love her like family but it drives me insane. Normally she’ll text me her new number when I’m in the process of doing something so I just save her number as a different variation of her name, “Tiffany” “Tiff” Tiff new number” “Tiff R” Tiffany R.” and then I have 3 outdated numbers for her and have to scroll through my texts to see which is the most recent.
  • Things you can get from Google.When you’re living in an apartment it’s important to have the office number handy but if you moved out 5 months ago and have settled any final bills, delete, delete, delete! If something comes up later you can always Google it.

People You Shouldn’t Delete

  • Relatives
  • Current Coworkers, Work Contacts and Clients- I recommend adding “Work” or something next to it so you don’t accidently text Sarah from Accounting something meant for your sister Sarah.
  • Emergency contacts


Most smartphones have a backup and all your photos are saved in the cloud. Go ahead and delete certain photos. If you like having your photos on your phone still go ahead and do a quick audit. Remember that time you and your girlfriends asked that nice waiter to take a group picture during your friend Aby’s birthday dinner? Well because he knows how women tend to be about photos he took 8 pictures… save the best ones and delete the rest…I’m sure you also put it on Instagram and Facebook anyway :).

Notepad and Voice Memos

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself constantly leaving yourself notes. Blog post ideas, things to pick up at the store, the name of something I want to Google later (I’m obviously a Google girl).

Go look at these notes and see what you can delete.


I am not a huge app person, unless it’s something I use at least twice a week (Google Docs, Instagram, iFunny and Snapchat). So to address that, YES, delete apps you don’t use or need Apps take up a large amount of space and a lot of the time aren’t even used. If you can’t remember the last time you used it…Delete it.

Do you really need Spotify and Pandora? 

Can you just use your internet browser for whatever that app does?

Just because “There is an app for that” it doesn’t mean you need it.

When was the last time you played words with friends? 

The Phone Itself

We have our phone on us everywhere nowadays; on our desk, on the sofa, in the restroom (be honest), so there are tons of germs crawling around on it.

Even if you have the best phone cover dirt and grime can sneak beyond it (don’t forget to clean the case too!)

A simple mix of water and alcohol (mostly water) SHOULD be okay to use on your smartphone screen with a but there also products you can purchase to do this.

You can use tape to get dirt and dust off of it as well I recommend taking your phone out of the case and giving it a good wipe down at least once a week.

Now don’t you and your phone look and feel better.

When was the last time you did a phone purge?


A lot of the comments the past 2 days have asked about apps. To be honest, this slipped my mind because I am not a huge app person, unless it’s something I use at least twice a week (Google Docs, Instagram, iFunny and Snapchat). So to address that, YES, delete apps you don’t use or need Apps take up a large amount of space and a lot of the time aren’t even used. If you can’t remember the last time you used it…Delete it.

Do you really need Spotify and Pandora?

Can you just use your internet browser for whatever that app does?

Just because “There is an app for that” it doesn’t mean you need it.

When was the last time you played words with friends?


  1. Marette

    I love this! I need to spring clean my phone for sure. Sometimes I scroll through and can’t figure out who these people are! Yikes.

  2. Jenn Slavich

    I think the last time I cleaned out my phone was when I got it last year lol. This is something I need to do I’ve been getting the message about upgrading my cloud storage lol. Looks like I have some cleaning out to do. These are great tips I’m so glad a read this, now on to clearing out some people and pictures on my phone. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Dia

    Jenn I feel like it sounds bad but you have to delete people sometimes lol

  4. Dia

    Haha right. When I was in college (and even now sometimes) I would go out and make a “New best friend” exchange number and make plans then never see each other again.

  5. candy

    Something I have been meaning to do haven’t gotten around to it. Tonight while relaxing and watching some tv might be the time.

  6. Amanda | Maple Alps

    Hehe, the phone itself. Yes!
    I love a good spring cleaned phone – it’s the best feeling!

  7. Angela

    Oh gosh that baby shower game sounds awesome and like a fun take on the purse version. I tend to always lose because I delete everything. Moving allowed me to delete 90% of my contacts (unless it was family or friends, they were deleted). All my pictures and notes get backed up so I don’t keep it on my phone at all.

    And that is awesome you invited a random dude!!

  8. cori

    Good call! I go through every so often and clear out my contacts list. I’m really bad about pictures, since I’m not connected to the Cloud and have connect my phone to the computer to upload my pictures. Then I forget what I’ve uploaded and go to show someone and end up like “Oh, it’s not there anymore.”

  9. Dia

    Awe that’s no good. I’m sorry. If my google drive crashed I’d be so sad I can normally view that stuff from my phone

  10. Dia

    Haha he was cool. He responded to my last message “Omw” lol

  11. Dia

    So many germs on phones lol it’s so important lol

  12. Dia

    I hope you do. At least wipe it down lol

  13. kp

    I’m such a hoarder when it comes to people’s phone numbers! I just can’t delete them in the OFF CHANCE that I’ll need to text them some day lol. It’s a lot easier with Facebook now though, that I can just message them on there if I need something. I always feel bad though if an old friend or someone I haven’t talked to in a long time texts me and I have to ask them “who is this?”

  14. Missy - Getting Fit to Find Myself

    I am kind of nuts when it comes to “junk” on my phone. I keep it really clean. I keep a few pictures on it all the time otherwise they are deleted soon after they are taken. I just recently went through the music and got rid of a bunch of music I no longer listen to. I love a “clean” phone!

  15. Tiffany

    Yes! I needed the reminder! It’s definitely time I clean out my phone! There’s stuff in there I have no need for anymore (numbers, photos, notes, apps!)

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Erin | A Welder's Wife

    This is great advice! I took my contacts from 100 to 76 I believe. For some reason it’s hard for me to press delete, but I feel better now! I also purge apps I no longer use! Adds tons of storage back to your phone!!

  17. Keating

    Great post, but what about apps?! haha that’s the big thing I go through and delete. My contacts list only contains about 30 people right now. Just like with my Facebook, I’m very selective with who I give my phone number to and who I keep in my phone. Most times, the only people I text are my husband, a few family members, and a couple friends. So I don’t even need every contact I currently have haha I don’t tend to delete photos too often, but I do delete duplicates and screenshots and images I will never need again (aka those drunk pics you take when you’re with your friends that you have zero memory of taking haha). But apps are my big issue. I’m a hoarder when it comes to apps. In fact, I should really go through them tonight.

  18. Bree Hogan

    Photos is the big one for me! I am always screen-snapping photos of things I come across online to come back to (e.g. ideas for blog posts) but I really need to get some order happening and delete the stuff that is no longer relevant. Thanks for the reminder!

  19. Amber Starr

    Lots of great tips! I desperately need to go through my contacts as I don’t talk to 95% of the people in there and likely wont again (or if i need to, I could reach them via facebook).

    I’m pretty good with pics since I back them up on icloud every month.

  20. Victoria Stacey

    My photo could really use a spring cleaning, especially with the photos! I like to do it while I’m on the subway to pass the time 😛

  21. Christine

    This was great! I can’t tell you the last time I spring cleaned my phone and I need to do this. Thanks for the reminders.

  22. Amy Scott

    I need to do this so bad! I haven’t a lot of numbers but there’s definitely useless apps and other things slowing down my device to a snails pace.

  23. Heather with WELLFITandFED

    This is so good. My contacts are a MESSSSS. This is great stuff to do on a plane or while waiting in line. Thanks for the reminder. Apps need to go too! Get rid of the ones you don’t use and consolidate the ones you do.

  24. Mary

    This is such a good idea! Thanks for the info.

  25. Jenine

    ok no wonder i never have enough room on my phone! haha

  26. Jessica Bradshaw

    This is so smart. Its amazing how much piles up on my phone. It may become a summer to do list item! 🙂

  27. Barely Vegan

    Great tips! I don’t have too many phone numbers but I have a GAZILLION pictures and videos. I really need to set aside some time to make sure they’re backed up so I can delete them. Thanks for the motivation!

  28. Willow

    My phone is pretty cleaned up, but I do have to delete contacts in my email address book. I have people in there that I have no idea who they are!

  29. Emily

    And the same goes for Inboxes, too! Those can always use a spring clean 🙂

  30. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Honestly I needed this lie yesterday…

    I have names of rand people I meet at events who I cant even remember. I called them and they either blanked me or they say:Who Dis…I should delete lol…I am a hoarder by nature and I guess its time to become a wee bit mean to get clean. And did I hear clean the phone it self…Lol time to do just that! Cheers !

  31. Cassandra

    This has inspired me! Time to spring clean my phone (and delete photos!)

  32. Jenny

    I need to wipe down my phone – I feel like it’s so dirty.
    Great idea on spring cleaning the phone though.

    xoxo, Jenny

  33. Dia

    Haha I’m actually working on that post yet and emailing you back lol. Thanks for stopping by Emily.

  34. Rachel

    Cleaning out my contacts list is something I’ve been needing to do for SO long! I have people that I probably haven’t talked to for a solid 10+ years in there! Yikes!

  35. Cori

    I just got a new phone so it is pretty clean right now. My old phone on the other hand, would have definatley needed a spring cleaning!

  36. Karin Rambo

    I really need to do this! I have people in my phone from YEARS ago!

  37. Caroline

    I just deleted 6000 pics! I have 6000 more to look through! Definitely need to go through apps and people too. What a good idea

  38. Dia

    Holy cow Caroline! I bet your phone feels better lol and has way more space!

  39. Dia

    What makes it so wrong is most of the time everything transefers over.

  40. Dia

    Way to go not transferring over the crap lol

  41. Dia

    Hahah it happens to all of us.

  42. Dia

    You will feel so much better once you do!

  43. Dia

    Haha yes, I am also a screen snapper, it’s so useul.

  44. Dia

    You’re welcome Mary!

  45. Dia

    Right with Facebook you don’t need everyone’s number anymore.

  46. Dia

    That’s smart!

  47. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by Christine, happy cleaning.

  48. Dia

    I never thought about doing this on a plane ride but great way to pass the time!

  49. Dia

    Yes get rid of apps your don’t use more than once a week!

  50. Dia

    Haha little by little becomes a lot…waiting for a friend to meet yo… delete some old pics.

  51. Dia

    It sneaks up on you!

  52. Mistle

    All great tips! I am in the process of doing some spring cleaning on my phone. I have over 1000+ pictures on there and a ton of apps. So it’s been a process recently. But yes to all of these! I go in every few months and delete people I no longer speak to. I also use notepad a lot when I have ideas or need to remember something.

  53. suchi

    this is such a great idea! never crossed my mind to spring clean my phone! but now i know it would definitely help me stay more organized ! may be over the weekend!lol! Thanks for sharing!

  54. Roxy

    When I upgraded my phone, a technical difficulty wouldn’t transfer my apps, but I took it as an opportunity to leave all the stuff I didn’t really use off of my new phone. I really need to clean up my contacts. There are far too many people that have me scratching my head wondering who the heck they are.

  55. KatyRose

    Seriously just the other day I was sliding through the pages of apps on my phone trying to find one app and I found myself thinking there are dozens and dozens of apps on there that I haven’t opened in a year, or maybe longer. I haven’t found the time to Spring clean them out yet, but it’s something that needs to happen. Great post!! – Katy

  56. Jasmine Watts

    I love the idea of spring cleaning phone! I need to do this as well!!

  57. Kusum

    I so needed this reminder, like right now cuz my phone won’t stop telling me I am running out of storage and some functions on my phone won’t perform, haha! All those crazy number of (8’s) photos I had people take and duplicates of the same food, scenery and what not is clogging up my phone. i need to spring clean my phone, pronto (including deleting the useless apps that I have only installed and not looked at them once after that).
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  58. Bella B (xoxoBella)

    Great idea. I am always running out of room. I dropbox photos and delete stuff frequently. I think I need more memory!

  59. Dia

    Check for contacts and if not see if your phone is memory card friendly.

  60. Ashley

    This is such a great post! You should totally make an infographic for this. Everyone can use some phone spring cleaning.

  61. Dia

    Thanks Ashley and great idea!

  62. Idaintyit

    I love a good clearing out session lol its like deleting loads of things on the sky planner, you feel so refreshed afterwards haha

  63. Dia

    Right it’s just better to have a light load.

  64. Dia

    I promise you are not alone in this Kusum lol

  65. Dia


  66. Dia

    Thank you Katy 🙂

  67. Dia

    Haha isn’t that always like such a funny moment when you look at it like, “Who are you?”

  68. Dia

    Of course I hope you had some time to get it done this weekend.

  69. Dia

    Right cleaning it is so important. Germs are everywhere.

  70. Dia

    why make life harder than it has to be lol just delete!

  71. Dia

    Haha yes I tend to live a bit of a hoarder lifestyle as well.

  72. Dia

    That’s a good one! I had about 900 people in my phone (including email contacts.

  73. Dia

    I also have this bad habit of saving things to send them to a friend and then not deleting them afterwards.

  74. Dia

    Haha I don’t feel bad about it just for the simple fact that they haven’t made an effort to keep up with me.

  75. Dia

    Haha I don’t add music too often but I do often add books and remove them after I’ve listened.

  76. Dia

    It’s so good to go through notes because then you may see an idea you forgot about.

  77. Dia

    Yes apps are a huge space waster.

  78. Dia

    Yes! Email is easier to me because even if they contact you later most people end their email with their signature.

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