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Start Providing a 5-Star Client Experience

You open your inbox and it’s stacked with client emails.
“I can’t log in or reset my password.”
“I need to change my payment info before the next draft.”
“I don’t have access to module 3”
The list goes on and on. You still need to prep for your next coaching call and write this week’s blog post. You don’t have time to give them the help and attention you want to.You want to provide them with 5-Star Client Service, that’s where I come in. You know how to sell your programs and packages. People literally have told you, “Shut up and take my money!

customer service virtual assistant (VA)

You have this marketing and selling thing down! The only problem it’s becoming a lot. You’ve constantly brought on new virtual assistants and tried different software but you can’t seem to give your clients the 5-star attention you know they deserve.
It’s not your fault you are rocking the CEO role but what you need is someone who can put their entire focus on your client’s experience so you can focus on the part of your business that got you your clients…Your smarts, your marketing, your coaching, your material.

Why 5-Star Client Experience

  • Your client emails and systems are regularly monitored.
  • You have approved the templates for general client responses so you know you can back up what your project manager is saying to them.
  • After they finish your program not only are they excited to work with you at the next level but they are raving about you to anyone who will listen (generating you new clients).
  • You know word of mouth can be gold or lumps of coal for your business so you want to set them up for a next level customer service experience.
  • We work together to determine your client’s needs, obstacles and potential problems to create a proactive customer service. No more reactive stress.
  • This isn’t a general customer service package this is a custom premium project management and client management service.

How do I start providing an amazing customer service?

If you are ready to provide your clients with consist and dependable 5-star service you can reserve your package here! I am only opening up 3 spots to get started in 2017 so snag it now!

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