Stepping into me

Stepping Into Me

So I’ve been quiet the past few weeks. Part of that is because twice a year I give my Yeti Mic a break and take some time off of the podcast (summer and the holiday season).

But while I’ve been mostly quiet online, I have been very busy. 

Working with amazing clients, scheduling upcoming guests for the podcast, one special thing that is near and dear to my heart (more on that next week) and updating my website. 

As some of you know I’ve been working with Coach Natalie McNeil and she challenged me to really think about my website and the name. She also challenged me to step up. So I made a choice, my branding will now be under Dia Darling. 

Yes, I made the choice to step into my own brand. Right at the center of it. This was a scary choice and one I went back and forth on. First of all, I’ve heard differing opinions on running your business under your name. 

“It’s great. People remember your name they can find your URL.”

“If your business is under your name, how can you ever sell it?”

“Using your name gives you wiggle room in what you produce. You can pretty much post anything because you aren’t in a box created by a brand name that might have some deeper meaning.”

“Isn’t it a little vain to use your own name?” 

I went round and round with this choice but then I realized…

  1. Say what you want but Dia Darling is pretty easy to remember.
  2. I want to be able to step into my brand more. When I started All The Things I Do, it was all about my voice but over the years some of that has fallen away to business and taking back my name is step one in reversing the over corrections I’ve done as the website and my life have evolved.
  3. I don’t plan to sell my company. If it continues to grow, I still intend to be on the ground floor of things. Plus I like to think I couldn’t sell All The Things I Do without me. 
  4. It isn’t vain. It’s clear…. No one ever says, “Who makes O magazine?” Everyone knows it’s Oprah. 

So if you’d asked me the reasons behind why I decided to make this change. 

  • I have changed and so has my business using personal branding is the next evolution of my brand and it feels right.
  • I wanted everything to be easier to find. 
  • I’m ready to stop hiding. The next phase of my business is calling for me to be more close and personal with the world and to do that I have to stand up and speak out. 

If you’ve been a reader/listener long then you may have some questions. 

First, no worries all your favorite links are still live. and  CreativesCrushingAnxiety,com all flow to the master site

Instead of creating the headache and hassle of forwards my entire website to I decided to keep it simple at this point. Nearly 5 years of blog posts, podcasts, link building and SEO building I don’t want to mess with. 

Second, the website has a bit of a new look. These aren’t drastic changes but the new look is cleaner and crisper and I hope you love it as much as I do.

The podcast will be staying the same. I debated turning it into The Dia Darling show but decided against it because honestly the podcast is so close to my heart and I strongly believe this is the right name for what I want it to do for the world. 

Finally, my legal business name is still All The Things I Do. This change is simply about branding…. Think Lisa Nichols and Motivating The Masses. She is the face but her company is Motivating The Masses.  So if you are a current client you will notice all official paperwork will say All The Things I Do.

That’s this week’s big announcement. Make sure you stay tuned to social media and your inbox because big news will be dropping next week.