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Stop Googling Relationship Advice

We’ve all said it, “I don’t know just Google it.” We’ve all had questions we didn’t want to ask our friends, because we didn’t want their honest opinion or we didn’t want them to know what we were thinking about.
The internet is a wonderful place. It brings pizza to my door, Netflix to my life and me to you, but it should be used VERY carefully.
Just because things are posted online doesn’t make them holy law. This especially goes for posts regarding matters of the heart.
If you search, “Should I text him first?” the answers will be endless and contradictory. Then you will spend the next ten minutes reading responses from all over the country. These responses will get in your head and you will start to over think and create problems that aren’t there!

While the point of this blog isn’t about if you should text him or not, my answer is YES! 99% of the time. YES! To quote the amazing Sara Bareilles… be BRAVE! If you want to do something do it!

Photo From H4wk Girl on Tumbler
Photo From H4wk Girl on Tumbler

Time and time again I have made myself victim to the vicious online cycle. Something goes wrong, I’m unsure about how I feel, how he feels, what I should do, what he might do? Then I Google and I almost always regret it. That isn’t to say there isn’t some relationship gems online. For example, one of my favorite blogs, Mars and Venus, has wonderful tips and advice for living a healthy life with love and self-love, but not every forum or blog will give you the same level of advice. Why? No one knows your situation but you! General answers from Joe Blow who may have nothing in common with your guy or gal will not help you! The only way to get better at relationships, platonic and romantic, are to figure out what works for you. Figure out your communication style, your truth. As hard as it seems, honest and direct is typically the best policy. If you look inside yourself and to your partner for answers, you take out the guess-work. You aren’t trying to decipher what was said or done by random comments from strangers. You may not be an expert at love but you are the best expert on you (That also means your partner is the expert on what they meant by that vague statement you probably took the wrong way). Obviously, there are certain times when you should look for outside help and advice, (sometimes you just need to talk your way to figuring out how you really feel) but for everyday communication, you will receive clarity a lot sooner if you just communicate.

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I realized that by looking online for answers to my emotions and my relationship questions, I was just taking an unnecessary journey through crazy town when the answers are right at home. I don’t need the internet to drive me crazy, I can walk from here.

Do it for love,

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  2. Roxy

    I’m glad that I’m not in a place where I’m frequently googling relationship advice. I will admit I’ve totally googled “when will he propose”, but I realize I was riding first class to crazy town. I will admit though, it’s kind of nice to know I’m not the only girl impatiently waiting for a ring…so in other words I’m not riding alone in first class.


  3. Rocio Chavez

    Ha, so true..I google everything, but the answers to the big questions generally lie within.

  4. Dia

    It’s beacause it’s so easy and the way the world works now but somethings you can’t google lol

  5. Dia

    First class to crazy town hahaha well at least you’re riding in style. Yeah I mean I’m sure we all do it but you can’t let it be the “be-all end-all” for how you handle relationships.

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