How I Stopped Blogger Burnout While Staying Productive

How I Stopped Blogger Burnout While Staying Productive

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During the summer I posted a blog titled, I Love blogging …Really I Do. If you haven’t had the chance to read it basically I was talking about my decision to cut back on my posting schedule and focus on other things.  

This was probably the best thing I could have done for myself, my blog and my business. I was dealing with a lot in my personal life and really wanted to focus on creating and launching my course The Balanced Side Hustle, updating my free email course and just making sure I was doing my best and providing the best to my readers instead of pumping out 2 subpar posts a week just to be able to say I did.

I was a little nervous to hit “publish” on that post because I felt like I was bearing my soul and we all know the internet isn’t always kind. My words were met with so much love and support, I was so glad I wrote that post. I was even happier that I took the time to work on other content because, as I may have mentioned 1,000 times already, I am launching my course November 7th!

The Paradox of Choice

I was stuck in a rut for a while. I would sit down to write and just have no desire to get anything done. I would sit down and have so many ideas and so much to do I would do nothing. I’ve been sort of fascinated with The Paradox of Choice lately.

If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a theory from psychologist Barry Schwartz, that says, because we have so many choices as Americans we are actually more stressed out and overwhelmed. That we are more likely to fall into depression because the amount of choices can leave us paralyzed and unmotivated.

I realized this can happen in blogging and goal getting. There are so many things we want to do. We want to publish 3 blog posts a week, write for other websites, do consulting, start an online course, update our old Pinterest graphics, engage on social media, schedule a twitter chat and we look at all the list of ideas and tasks and don’t know where to start. You’re paralyzed by options and choices. So I sat back and made a choice, “I want to get this course launched by the end of the year.”

Okay sounds like another option to stress me out?

It would be, but I made a choice to pick that task and figure out what I needed to do to make it happen.

If I wanted to do a proper launch for this course and provide my best content then I need to:

  • Cut back on the amount of posts I’m doing
  • Outsource some of the more mundane tasks
  • Figure out whose information I would follow for which sections of the launch
  • Set times and deadlines for certain aspects of the launch.

Deciding that this was my main focus and the other things would take a back seat to this was game changing.

Breaking down that list of overwhelming desires for my business was like an “Ah Ha” moment.

My friend Ashley Jordan from Saving Money In Your Twenties always says, “You can have everything you want, but you can’t have everything,” while Ashley is talking about budgeting, this applies to life. You can have all the parts of your business but you can’t have them all at once.

Think of the larger scale, trying to add a podcast, videos and create a course all at once by yourself is insane.

Think of some of your favorite bloggers and business professionals. They didn’t appear online one day with social media accounts on each platform, doing videos, blog posts, podcasts, courses and offering consulting services all at once. They started at one point and slowly built on it.

It’s not stopping, it’s refocusing

I think the reason people never overcome overwhelm is because they think stepping back means stopping. No! It means stepping back looking at the big picture and then figuring out where you need to shift your focus for things to happen.

I didn’t say, “Oh I’m feeling burnt out, better pack it up.” I said, “I am spinning my wheels, something needs to change.”

I knew if I wanted to launch this course I would need to shift my focus on it and put other things on hold or scale them back.

I didn’t logout of WordPress for 3 months and say “Bye Felicia.” That isn’t a break, in my opinion, that’s quitting.

Getting Help Helps

Mariah Coz and Meghan Menz recently did a podcast about why people buy online courses. They didn’t say this but it sort of connected to The Paradox of Choice, people purchase courses, or services because there are so many ways to do everything that instead of picking through them all it’s nice to have someone say, here just take this path for certain things. It’s not about giving up control it’s about making the choice to pick a path, stop wasting time and getting to where you want to be.  

I mean come on, I’m not launching a course about time management and life balance as a side hustler because there isn’t any content out there. I’m launching my course because I remember searching for answers on the matter and feeling more lost then I was when I started. Before I developed my system I was just spinning circles, trying to listen to all of this advice. Here is the thing with my program, it tells you how I figure out balancing my blog and this thing we call life and it helps you develop a system that works for you. We are all different, we have different priorities, different goals and different definitions of success so a blog post that says, “Do this and everything will be better,” isn’t exactly accurate. There is no one size fits all to life.


Action From Distractions

I wanted to invite you all to my webinar, Actions From Distractions October 16th at 1:00 PM CST.  If you can’t make the live webinar be sure to still sign up so you can view the webinar.

I will be addressing distractions and time management issues my readers have shared with me and giving a sneak peek into my course! Sign up here.  I hope to see you there!


  1. candy

    It’s not stopping it’s refocusing really hit home to me. Time to look at everything from a new angle.

  2. Dia

    Hey! I’m so glad you liked that Candy!

  3. Kathy Brown

    Good blogs are that way because the blogger loves what they do. You can tell when you read a blog that’s it’s not a passion. Taking a break or slowing down can be a good thing. If you spend all your time blogging then your missing out on real experiences. I bet your gonna have some awesome new things to blog about now. Thank you for sharing. I love the honesty and perspective. Great post.

  4. Shani | Sunshine & Munchkins

    I like this perspective. I started to get really overwhelmed a while back trying to get into everything I could think of when it came to blogging. But the problem was that I just couldn’t do it. Sure, maybe if I had zero other things in my life to focus on, but that’s not realistic. So I cut back and I feel so much better.

  5. Paola

    Totally agree with you. It really helps me when I read other blogs and watch channels too. That usually refreshes me.

  6. Lauren

    great tips here.. congrats on your webinar!

  7. Amanda | Maple Alps

    Love the refocusing bit. Sometimes I just need to step back and take a fresh perspective. Great post, thank you!

  8. Rachel

    Great tips! Burnout is the worst – I’m always looking for ways to avoid it!

  9. Lynn

    I’ve been paralyzed many times and didn’t realize that it’s because I have so many options. And I worry about stopping too because I think I’m encouraging my “quitter” self. Thank you for making me realize that I just need to regroup when overwhelmed.

  10. Jenny

    Yes, getting help is so important! That’s the reason why I bought a lot of the courses that I have purchased over the past few years.

    xoxo, Jenny

  11. Justine Y @ Little Dove

    Congratulations on you accomplishments! I agree, sometimes you need to slow down or cut back in order to refocus.

  12. Cait Weingartner

    Some great information here. I’m all about outsourcing the time consuming, non-creative tasks, which really frees me up for writing content and focusing on my long term goals. Best of luck with the Webinar!

  13. Ima

    I really could use this! Thank you for sharing!
    You don’t realize how much work and time and resources go into blogging till you start!

  14. Carol Cassara

    It’s true. Blogging can be a grind and you have hit on some ways to prevent burnout. Good ones, too.

  15. Shane

    There are some days I’d give anything to have a VA to help me out with some of the tedious tasks. Could never give up this passion though!!!

  16. Alicia Taylor

    I’ve been feeling like this on my own blog. We have so much going on in real life and sometimes, I feel like I just don’t have time for the blog, the social media connections, the negotiations and the family time.

  17. Emily

    Dia, this is exactly the post I needed to read today!! I have been juggling so much with a new full-time job while also trying to stay on top of blogging, teaching barre, taking care of my health, and having a social life. Thank you thank you thank you!!! PS Would love to catch up via phone if you have some time. I think I could really use some of your insight on where my focus should be.

  18. Cori

    You did what was best for you, and that’s all that matters. Good luck with your upcoming e-course!

  19. Danielle Greco

    I totally agree! Refocusing helps me so much! sometimes I get overwhelmed, especially if I am doing many collaborations at once. But I just have to relax and refocus and remember why I started.

  20. Dia

    Thanks Cori!

  21. Dia

    They why is sooooo important!

  22. Dia

    Check out the webinar. You can have a full life but you have to have a game plan.

  23. Dia

    I am pretty booked the rest of this month but check out the webinar and I’ll set up a reminder to set a call next month.

  24. Dia

    Exactly the good outweighs the bad.

  25. Dia

    Haha very true.

  26. Dia

    Thank you Cait!

  27. Dia

    Thanks Justine!

  28. Dia

    That’s what make courses so great! Someone else has done the heavy lifting you just follow instructions.

  29. Dia

    Awe Lynn. I’m glad you found this helpful!

  30. Dia

    Thanks Rachel!

  31. Dia

    Thanks hope to see you there.

  32. Dia

    Thanks Amanda. It’s like when you sit down to write a post and can’t do it but then another idea comes to you and it just flows out.

  33. Dia

    I think now I limit who I listen to on certain topics because it contributes to the overwhelm but sometimes it’s just what I need.

  34. Dia

    Haha right it’s like, “I just won’t talk to any friends or family for a few months and just get this totally business up and running with 10 revenue streams” haha.

  35. Dia

    Awe I love this comment. Thank you Kathy!

  36. Valerie

    Sometimes I get in a funk. I think mine is due to internet problems.

  37. Sarah, Things Sarah Loves

    There is nothing at all wrong with cutting back or rescheduling how you do things, it’s really healthy and benefits not only you, but your blog too.

  38. Dia

    That sucks!

  39. Dia


  40. Dia

    Amen, sister!

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