Why You Should Surround Yourself With Good People

Why You Should Surround Yourself With Good People

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About a month ago something annoying happened, something I’m sure has happened to most of you before… I got a flat tire… not a low tire but a full on unpatchable (not sure that is a word), throw tire away, do not pass go, do not collect $200, nail in my tire flat.
I live in South Texas and while the weather is usually hot, it is also unpredictable. We can experience weather fit for all 4 seasons in a 24 hour period. We had a random temperature drop over night and when this happens my tires lose pressure and the low-pressure light comes on, on my dashboard. Typically when this happens I got to Discount Tire, they check out everything, tell me it’s probably just because of the temperature change and kindly add air for free. I love Discount Tire!
So when I woke up one Tuesday morning and noticed that my tire light was on I assume this was the cause.
About 3 hours into work my coworker Brandon came into my office and said, “Dia, your tire is low.
My boss offered to fill it up with air, as soon as we removed the air pump we could hear the air gushing out of the tire.
I headed over to Discount Tire while there was still enough air in the tire to get there.
The service technician took one look at it and told me there was a nail in it! He explained that it would be two hours at least, as the temperature drop had brought in several people with low-pressure lights on as well.
Well crap, I thought. I called my team lead at work whose husband had her car that day and asked if she could ask one of my coworkers could come pick me up. In the span of 5 minutes, I had at least 4 coworkers call to make sure I had either gotten a ride or confirmed that someone was on the way to get me, it was around lunch time and everyone was out of the office trying to make sure I made it back to the office.

Okay, I know what you might be thinking…

You had a flat in the middle of the work day and coworkers came to get you, it was a 5-minute drive what’s the big deal? It’s human decency? The truth is it’s really not anymore. I’ve only been working there about 2 ½ months probably only 1 month at that point and it shocked me. I’ve worked with more than a few people who would have probably told me to call an Uber and get back to work. These people went above and beyond after knowing me for a month and even took me back in the rain after work to pick up my car. This floored me! I’ve been ridiculously happy at my new job and then it hit me, it was because I was working with good people!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

I know they always say you shouldn’t bash your old places of employment but I don’t care in this case. I was temporarily at a job before my current job that was just toxic, plain and simple. The people were rude, passive aggressive, insincere and uncaring. Not everyone was horrible but it did seem like it was the company culture to be that way. I was doing pretty much the exact same kind of work, social media promotions, Google AdWords campaigns, SEO formatting, I wasn’t unhappy or happy because of the work I was doing I was happy because of the people I was doing the work with.

More Kindness.

So back to the tire situation. I had a full tire for my spare so while the nail was in a spot that couldn’t be patched they did put on my spare for free. I had already known between their age and the lack of proper tire rotation (on my part) that the rest of my tires would need to be replaced soon.
Labor Day weekend I went back to Discount Tire and worked with them to get a great deal on 4 brand new tires (we put my spare back in the truck to roll another day).
Not only did they offer me options in different prices. My tires also included a simple to complete mail-in rebate and a replacement guarantee the entire life of the tires.

I have had a troublesome history with tires. I always say, “If there is a nail, I will run over it.” I have been a customer and fan of Discount Tire for nearly a decade and always buy my tires from them. Not only do they provide fast and friendly service they provide safety and confidence. They don’t just want you to buy tires and give them money, they want you safe on the road. They prove this with free tire air pressure check and free tire rotations. I even signed up to get 6,000-mile reminders emailed to me to come get my tires rotated, to make them last longer and keep me safer on the road.

As frustrating as it was to have to shell out a few hundred dollars this whole situation just highlighted my belief that when ever possible surround yourself with good people. Work with good people when you can. Go to businesses that share your values. Be in organizations that are about more than money. I know sometimes you can’t control who you work with but you can control how you respond to others and how you act.

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Life is too short to do business with shady people, invest your time and energy in crappy friends and one-sided relationships. Know the intentions of those around you and don’t settle for crap.

Have you ever experienced a situation that really opened your eyes this way? Tell me below.

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