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Teamwork Lessons From Criminal Minds

In this episode, we talk about Criminal Minds. I started watching Criminal Minds in November and to be honest. I don’t know what took me so long. It is right up my alley. In true form to myself, of course, I couldn’t just mindlessly watch it I had to find some sort of lesson in it.

The BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) has some amazing teamwork. The team is composed of this wonderful complicated group of people who are all incredibly different but bring something unique to the team.  I’m only on season seven but it really made me think about how it takes different types of roles online businesses have.

If you’ve watched the show then this will make total sense, if you haven’t you’re probably going to think, “What is she rambling about?” My response to you? It’s so good. Either hop on Netflix and give it a chance or read another blog post. Do you watch Rick and Morty? Check out this one!

Anyway so let’s talk a little bit about each character and how they relate to online business.

Aaron Hotchner aka Hotch

Hotch is basically the CEO of the BAU. He is the team’s lead agent. The boss man. He isn’t sitting in his ivory tower though he is getting down and dirty with the rest of the team. He makes the decisions, tells who where to go and when. He decides what needs to be done to solve the case and save lives.

This is probably the role you play in your business.

Jennifer Jareau aka JJ

JJ is the face of the team she basically is the press secretary for the BAU. If you’re like most online business owners chances are you’re a bit of Hotch and JJ rolled into one. She is the public facing brand. She makes sure that the message is clear and people know what is happening. She might also be your Project Manager or COO. 

Penelope Garza aka Garza and possibly my favorite character

Penelope isn’t out in the trenches. She is the tech wiz. If you need a program set up, a website hacked or some records found, she is your girl. She serves up the team with information using flare and humor. While she may not be the face of the BAU or out meeting people her role is vital and often her work leads to finding and stopping criminals. She is basically your badass tech VA.

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Dr. Spencer Reid aka Spence

While the team is full of brilliant minds there is always that one person who can see the big picture and how it’s made up of all the little parts. This is Reid. He is the virtual assistant who does your market research and analytic reports to find what changes you need to make and how certain things are performing. 

Detective Derek Morgan aka my future husband ;D

Your badass copywriter. You need something done he is your guy to do it. If you have a sales page written he is the one who can churn it out. Content is one of our biggest marketing muscles and he is the team’s muscle. 

Detective Dave Rossi

Dave that mentor that doesn’t push. He tells you how it is when you need it but he trusts you to get to the right conclusion in a timely manner. He has advice and experience. Wheater it’s the teacher in your course, a personal mentor you’ve taken on in your business or a coach you hired, Dave has your back. 

Agent Emily Prentiss

Emily is your business best friend. She notices when something is off. Lifts you up when you’re feeling down. And calls “crap” when you need to hear it. We all need that sounding board whose only investment in your business is their love for you. 

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Check out the episode here:

The team works together to make things worse. Yes, there is some overlap but at the end of the day what they bring to the table each is important and unique.

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  1. Stacey Peters

    I know every episode of Criminal Minds its one of my favorite shows. I love all the characters and miss the regulars like Gideon, Hotch and Morgan. The new episodes are good but the old ones are the best. Hope you go back and catch up.

  2. Farrah

    I love Criminal Minds!!! <3!!! It's such an awesome show–you were spot on with the lessons learned too. :]

  3. Dia

    I just started watching it a few months ago but yeah I’m working my way to the current season lol

  4. Dia

    It’s so good. I think it’s important to have the right roles filled in your business.

  5. Prerna Garg Agarwal

    I have been in love with Criminal Minds for so long! It’s a great show and I love how you’ve drawn parallel between the show and a business!

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