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Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

So full disclosure. I am a little lazy. Let me explain, I bust my buns at work, on my side business, at the gym and even in the kitchen but when it comes to makeup and beauty, I am lazy.

I don’t wear makeup. I do have a chapstick addition, and about twice a year I’ll put on some mascara if the situation calls for it. When people ask me why I don’t wear makeup (or if a bride is asking if I want to get my makeup done with the other girls) my response is usually, “Ummm I’m a natural beauty.”

The real answer, “I have hella sensitive skin. I don’t need another expense in my life. I’m not waking up early just to put on makeup.”

Don’t get me wrong. I like to look nice. I’ve worked hard to lose and keep off 40 pounds in 2017. (Not a humblebrag, a full on brag!) I love a brand new dress and more than not my lip gloss is “popping.” To be honest, I consider myself a girly girl. And like any woman who takes pride in her appearance, there are always some items that I wish I could change. Constant frustrations for? The size of my feet and the whiteness of my smile.

I’d tried different whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes, but nothing ever really made a difference. Then I got the opportunity to try Smile Brilliant.

What is Smile Brilliant?

Smile Brilliant is the ultimate at-home teeth whitening product. It is the same product you would receive in a dentist’s office. I was shocked to learn that they provide trays and gel for some dentist offices that don’t have labs to create their custom fitted trays in house!  Smile Brilliant allows customers to cut out the middleman and therefore save money on professional teeth whitening.

How does it work?

When you sign up for Smile Brilliant, you are sent a welcome package that includes a dental tray kit. You’ll use the kit to make your dental impressions and then send them back to Smile Brilliant. After their team makes your custom fitted trays, they ship them over to you, and you can start the process. I have sensitive teeth, so I prepared for the experience with a few days of just using the desensitizing gel before starting with the actual whitening gel.

What did I think of Smile Brilliant?

I loved it! The team is excellent and it’s a easy to use product. I’ll often just do it after dinner while I watch TV or try to get some writing done. The trays came out fantastic and I started noticing in a matter of weeks.

I have been drinking red wine and tea like they are going out of style the past few years so I can be realistic in saying my teeth aren’t as white as they could be.  I don’t think I should have to give up red wine and black tea forever in exchange to have white teeth! After all, both are supposed to be good for you.

So I know you’re dying to know what my favorite part is and I have to go with a three-way tie.

It works!

You can actually see the results. I dare you to go check out their website and see the before and after shots. Heck, look at mine. I’ll be honest I wasn’t the perfect test experiment. Halfway through my time using the product I got sick with a stomach bug and was like, “Yeah, I don’t feel like anything but water in medicine anywhere near me.” So I didn’t whiten for a week (don’t skip if you can avoid it) but I still have seen amazing results.

Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

It’s affordable.

The packages range from $129 or $179 (for the Sensitive box), I’m in Texas and for professional teeth whitening you are looking at no less than $300 and if you want your own at home kit from a dentist office they can charge anywhere from $300 to $800! I’d much rather do it for less in the comfort of my own home.

It’s convenient.

As I mentioned above, I love that I could do it at home while just washing television. After you whiten your teeth, you want to wait to eat or drink things to prevent risk. Makes sense right? Well, most dental offices close before dinner time. So what you get your professional teeth whitening and then just drink water the rest of the day? No, thank you. I can wait until I’m done eating for the day and whiten my teeth as I sit all cozy in my bed watching Netflix and chilling with my Smile Brilliant.

Giveaway Time!

Are you ready to whiten your teeth? I have some good news for you! I’ve collaborated with Smile Brilliant and one lucky winner will receive a free kit of their own. 

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