The ABC’s of Me

Getting to know me a little better.

There has been a kind of game going on for a while in the blogger world, bloggers have been doing the “ABCs of Me” post.a I wanted to participate because I know that I enjoy learning more about the bloggers I read on a personal level. So here are the ABC’s of me. I hope you enjoy.

Me at the UTSA game

A – Age:  26

B – Biggest Fear: Well let’s get serious then! My biggest fear is dying slowly and painfully like by cancer or drowning.

C – Current Time: 12:39 p.m.

D – Drink You Had Last: Fun drink or normal drink? I am currently sipping on some Ozarka but last night I had a Cabernet Sauvignon.

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Depending on the topic…Karen, Michelle or Daniel.

Michelle and I being dorky
Michelle and I being dorky

F – Favorite Song: So many. A beautiful mess by Jason Mraz or Gravity by Sara Barilles.

G – Grossest Memory: Off the top of my head it would be the time I was SUPER hungover. I finally drug myself out of bed and was driving to get food, while chugging Poweraid. A wave of nausea hit me and I threw up partly all over myself partly in the Poweraid bottle. So gross!

H – Hometown: Waco, TX

I –  In Love With: Pizza!

J – Jealous Of: This is going to sound like an job interview answer. I think I’m jealous/ inspired by bloggers like Melyssa from The Nectar Collective or Lauren Boweling from LBee and the Money Tree, who are living the dream. I’m more inspired than jealous because they found something they loved , are making a living doing it and helping people. That’s my plan!

K – Kindest Person You Know: My mom. She takes care of everyone.

L – Life Isn’t Complete Without: Pizza! Wine. Friends. Laughter. Music. Love

M – Middle Name: Don’t have one. I swear!

N – Number of Siblings: 3 sisters! One brother who has passed away. R.I.P. Shawn.

My oldest sister and I last christmas
My oldest sister and I last christmas

O – One Wish: To eat as much pizza as I want and still lose weight lol jk kinda…. I wish that things would get better in the world. I wish we lived driven by love instead of hate.

Jimi Hendrix Quote
Jimi Hendrix Quote

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: Someone calling for my boss. Personally, my Mom.

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “What do you do?” Followed by “What do you blog about?” I feel like I meet a lot of people and so my standard response to “What to do you do,” is “I’m the Marketing Director at a Commercial Real Estate Company and I’m a freelance writer and I have a women’s lifestyle blog.

R – Reason To Smile: It’s almost lunch time and I’m having pizza! (No lie!)

S – Song You Last Sang: Currently singing and listening to “Haven’t Met You Yet,” by the lovely Michael Buble.

T – Time You Woke Up: What time did my alarm go off or what time did I wake up? 7:15 a.m. and 8:05 a.m.

U – Underwear Color: Black! So sexy!

V – Vacation Destination: The next known vacation is Los Angeles, CA for Blogher16 in August! Woot Woot! But I hope to take a trip before that.

W – Worst Habit: I do a lot of “bad” things. I drink, I swear like a fish, I say “yes” too much but the worst is not getting enough sleep.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: My ankle, my breasts (is a mammogram an x-ray?), back and spine after my car accidents and (I’m sure my friends will get a laugh out of this one but) I’ve had my head-x-rayed!

Y – Your Favorite Food: Italian…Pizza! Are you seeing a theme?

Z – Zodiac Sign: Cancer! I’m sensitive and moody! But loving and fun. 🙂

Share some of your ABCs with me!


  1. Klipdrifters

    Great post, never thought of doing something like this. We also LOVE Pizza.

  2. Kaci Alvarez

    Love this post! So great learning more about you! I’m from TX too!

  3. Valerie

    This is so cool and a great idea for bloggers and their readers to get to know them! You sound like one pizza obsessed girl..ha ha.I Love it as well! Oh yeah and Michael Buble is the bomb…he is from my hometown, Vancouver BC.

    Thanks for sharing about you!!

    Fashion and Travel

  4. Dia

    Honestly it was just a fun little thing to do. I am a bit of an addict. I’ve had to start finding healthy alternatives to get “my fix”

  5. Dia

    I know I’ve been on your blog a few times. Idk how I missed that. Are you in the TX women bloggers group on Facebook. You should check it out, if not.

  6. Dia

    Thanks Valerie.
    Pizza is my weakness it’s not sugar or candy. If I could find a guy wing Michael Buble’s voice to feed me pizza and red wine I’d die a happy woman lol

  7. Michelle S.

    Love this post! You’re such a strong and beautiful woman. Keep doing what you’re doing Texas gal!

  8. Dia

    Love you to pieces! Thanks for being such a great friend and for my pizza stone!

  9. Clare Speer

    I love pizza too – but I am much older than you (my kids are your age) and my waist shows I love pizza a little too much! 🙂 Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself!

  10. Melody

    Ah, a fellow Cancer! Great list, I really like your taste in music and can totally relate to J! Melyssa is seriously my #girlboss shero.

  11. Dia

    Awe my waist line and hips aren’t a fan lol I’m working on a healthier lifestyle now so my pizza days will be limited 🙁 or I’ll be making alternative versions

  12. Dia

    Thanks Melody! She is a true inspiration and so helpful!

  13. GiGi Eats

    Never ever say you’re jealous of someone else – ha! You can be envious, but never jealous! Use your envy as motivation! 😀

  14. Dia

    I totally agree. I tried to rephrase the answer since I was just following a format to really just say people I admire or am inspired by. 🙂

  15. Rachel @ My Urban Oven

    Love this post! I think I need to do one soon for my blog. LOVE that you are from Waco, TX…. all I can think about is Fixer Upper- the best show on HGTV!

  16. Dia

    Haha thats probably the best reference I’ve gotten lol My mom loves HGTV! I normally get Baylor or David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. You should it was fun!

  17. Cori

    I may steal/copy this post for my blog….you’ll get the credit of course!

  18. Sandy Mangis

    I love how you can have a lot of fun with everything.

  19. Dia

    Cori you should do it. It’s fun and helps people get to know you!

  20. Candy

    This is awesome. Guess you really like pizza.

  21. Paola

    As a woman with italian blood all I can say is, of course italian food, it is the best. hehehehe

  22. Carol Cassara

    I always look forward to learning more about the bloggers that I read frequently. It makes them seem more real.

  23. Hannah

    Snap on the favourite food! I adore Italian cuisine and keep meaning to take a quick trip over to Italy to try some first hand.
    Also, fab idea for a blog post. Will definitely have to give this one a go at some point.

  24. Emily

    Hahaha I love these!!!! 🙂 You are the cutest!

  25. Cat

    Ahhh! I don’t have a middle name either, and I’m also pretty much married to pizza. I love this exercise!

  26. Dia

    Thanks it was super fun! And hey there kindred spirit!

  27. Dia

    Awe thanks Em!

  28. Dia

    Haha it really is the best!

  29. Dia

    It was a lot of fun to do!

  30. Dia

    Haha I really do!

  31. Dia

    Haha exactly!

  32. Dia

    Awe thanks!

  33. Klauss

    Cool idea! A bit like brainstorming 🙂

  34. Roxy

    You know I’m on you blog all the time so I really appreciate letting us all get to know you a little better. My boyfriend is OBSESSED with pizza too. I don’t think he can last a week without it.

  35. Dia

    Haha I am the same way lol

  36. Dia

    Thanks Klauss

  37. Dia

    They are staples lol

  38. Dia

    Thanks Carol!

  39. Dia

    Nice to meet you too. Well then you have great taste in music

  40. Kristine's Inbox

    Nice to meet you! I’m not sure how I ended up at your blog but I’m glad I did. I also did the ABCs of me and thought it was fun.

  41. Dia

    Hey Kristine. Wow , I haven’t read this in a while. It might be time for an update.

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