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The Confidence Episode

I’m back from an unscheduled break and in this episode, we tackle confidence! This past year has been a huge lesson in the power of confidence for me.

Confidence is the closest thing in this world to magic. – Unknown 

Even when I was a shy kid I was reaping the benefits of confidence, listen to the episode to learn how I rocked confidence back when I was a young church girl.

I felt like this episode needed to happen because as business owners we try to do all the things to make our dreams reality. We sign up for courses, get the best coaches, attend all the conferences but sometimes something is still missing. What is it? Confidence. Don’t get me wrong, being well versed in your industry and having a supportive expert in your corner do help build the confidence muscle but there has to also be some internal confidence. The type of magical confidence that comes when you know that no matter what happens you have you and everything will be okay.

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In this episode: 

  • Examples of where confidence can be the difference between a yes and a no.
  • How your lack of confidence is cockblocking your business.
  • How removing attachment got my a new client.
  • Why affirmations aren’t enough.
  • How to start building more confidence:
    • Keep track of love notes
    • Replay your highlight reel
    • Remember your struggles – tread carefully
    • Keep working on yourself – Self growth is a lifelong journey
    • Give yourself a break

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Now tell me:

  • How do you flex your confidence muscle? 
  • Where is an area in your life or business you’d like to show up more confident? 
  • How can you take confident action today?