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The Lost Art Of Watches

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As someone who balances a lot of plates, I know first hand how there never seems to be enough time. Insert cliche quote about how we all have 24 hours here right. Wrong, yes we all have 24 hours but the way we spend that time and the little ways we let it slip away vary. I honestly believe that when we stopped wearing watches, we lost some value in our time.

The Lost Art of Watches


Have you ever been telling someone a story and they look down at their watch? The first thing you think is, “Wow that’s rude. I didn’t realize my story was boring.” I can’t say I’ve ever experienced this, but I have seen it in a movie. What I’ve experienced is talking to someone and then them looking at their cell phone to check the time or a blinking notification and then they might say, “One second,” before diving into whatever has stolen their attention from the present moment on their phone screen. It’s estimated the average adult has at least 2000 different thoughts per hour. So it’s safe to say our attention is pretty much being pulled all the time. “I have to make sure I leave here by 3 to meet Becky.” “That roast needs to be checked at 6:45.” “I have a client call at 11.” Time is our most valuable resource and most strained resource. So it makes perfect sense that even as your best friend is crying about getting dumped you may need to check the time, even if it’s just to make sure the “it’s okay” pizza you put in the oven doesn’t burn while you tend to her.
Even in a business setting, you may have meetings back to back, and it’s much more professional to glance down at your watch than to pull out your cell phone and check that the meeting isn’t going over the allotted time.


“You don’t need a watch you have your cell phone.” Cell phones are great and I know I always have mine on me. You can access the web, check your email, see what’s happening on Facebook, make notes, check the time and so much more.

But let me ask you a question, how many times have you pulled your phone out to check the time and then found yourself going down a rabbit hole of notifications? Probably every time.
I think when we stopped wearing watches and relying on our cell phones we have put even more pressure on our time.

Let’s say you’ve set the goal to unplug for 2 hours a week each Sunday. No television, no laptop, no cell phone just you, your thoughts and maybe some old school paper and pen. This is great and something we should all aspire to do time to time. The truth is you could probably set the alarm on your phone and even put it in do not disturb mode, but I find that it’s still a temptation to check it. You are wondering how much time you have left for free writing, so you check to see and then the next thing you know you’re responding to that text message or email.

A watch allows you to unplug truly.

Pretending I’m not stressed out.

Fashion and Elegance

I remember back when cellphones were more of a luxury than a necessity my mother had the most beautiful watch. A gold band with diamonds around the face. I always thought it just completed her look of elegance and class. Yes, you can get the niftiest phone cover out there, but something about a beautiful watch just screams clean and professional to me.

So tell me, do you wear a watch? Do you think they are a lost art of style? What are some other benefits you miss about people wearing watches?

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How watches keep us more on task

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  1. Marissa Pedersen

    It’s so true, there are much fewer watches on people’s wrists now and they just check their phone instead. I prefer looking at a watch as well!

  2. Ice Cream For Dinner

    This watch is really cute! I have one to and I love it!

  3. autum

    I love wearing watches except I never set the time on my watch. LOL! I use my phone for that

  4. Jenn Wang

    Such a good point that wearing a watch to tell the time can totally help with the obsessiveness of constantly checking your phone and being bombarded with notifications! I never thought about it that way! I feel like even when I’m wearing my watch I always end up checking my phone for the time anyway haha. LOVE your Jord watch! I have two of them and they’re my fave!


  5. Brittany Daoud

    That’s so true that wearing a watch can help you to unplug! This Jord watch is really beautiful too, I’d wear it all the time!

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