How to set up my online business systems

The Secret to Online Business Systems

By now, you’ve probably guessed I’m super into being organized but believe me when I say, I’m far from perfect.  I have learned a lot refining my own systems as well as the systems of my clients. Today I am sharing my secrets for creating systems that work!

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In this episode:

The big secret is no system is one size fits all.
Why you need to stop searching for the Holy Grail of outlines and realize your system needs to be unique.

They have to fit your business.
Why your system needs to take into consideration where you are in your business not just where you want to be or have been.

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You may need support.
Why you can’t do it alone. Depending on where you are at and what systems you’re setting up you may need different help. The support you need might be hiring a systems expert, asking your mastermind buddy or consulting your mentor. Whatever it is, get support.

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You will need boundaries.
Boundaries keep us sane. You need to set boundaries within your system, with your clients and with yourself. Having them build into your system is the best way to make sure they are set and respected.

You need clarity.
Your systems should leave no room for questions. What is expected and when it is expected needs to be clear to both you, your clients and your team.

You need easy to understand systems.
No matter what level of your business you’re in you need systems. The great thing about setting up your systems early is that you can easily onboard new clients and future employees. The whole point of systems is to make your life simpler that is why overly complicated systems are a no go. They need to be easy to understand, adapt and teach.

It needs to be realistic.
Dream big my friends but plan realistically. Don’t overload your systems. Just because you have systems set up doesn’t mean are a superhero, so you need to make sure your systems are within the abilities of yourself and your team.

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