Things I Can’t Get Enough of Lately III

This month’s things I can’t get enough of lately is kind of my best of summer so far! So lets just jump right into it! If you’d like to read any of the past editions you can find them here:

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So in case you haven’t seen it you can read my post from last year about the Lifetime drama back for it’s second season, Unreal. Basically the show follows tv producer Rachel Goldberg and the crew of Everlasting, a bachelor esque dating show. If you are a fan of the traditional show this may not be for you. It shows the behind the scenes scheming plotting, manipulation of contestants, the set ups, the lies and the real drama off camera. This season came back with full force after an explosive finale last summer. Before the premiere of season 2 Lifetime announced the season 3 renewal. You can catch up on Hulu  or On Demand.


I was so glad this show got renewed, it has went through a lot of changes since it’s first season. The show originally followed Alyssa’ Milano’s character, Savannah Davis, her younger sister Josslyn Carver and her best friends April Malloy and Karen Kim. When the show announced shortly after it’s season 3 renewal shooting for the 3rd season would be moving production from Los Angeles to Canada, Alyssa Milano left the show because she didn’t want to uproot her two small children. To fill the void show runners brought in Jennifer Esposito. After a very interesting season Esposito had some legal drama and didn’t return from the 4th. ABC made no formal announcement about replacing her but has subtly added yet another female character.

All that aside I feel like the show is doing very well. Yeah Alyssa Milano probably brought much of the audience to the table in the first season but just like in real life sometimes people leave and you have to keep going. I love this show.

V8 Veggie Blends Purple Power

I normally stick to tea and water but I love this juice! I might have a glass with my lunch and it’s just so great. Each glass contains a serving of vegetables. V8 Veggie Blends Purple Power is made from the juices of purple carrot, beet and apple. It is also a great source of vitamin C, A and E. Perfect way to get a serving of veggies and a 8 oz. glass is only 50 calories with 11 grams of sugar. A 8 oz can of regular coke is 100 calories with 30 grams of sugar. I wouldn’t recommend having more than one glass of this a day.

My Spearmint lip balm by Chapstick

If you know me I’m not much of a makeup girl but I am a chapstick girl. I normally have at least 10 tubes of chapstick at my purse at any given time…seriously my makeup bag includes the following: 

My mirror

Birth Control

2 nail files

About 30 bobby pins and 7 hair ties

A lighter

Visine for dry eyes

Nail clippers

12 tubes of chapstick 

A collapsible corkscrew

This is one of the best ones i’ve tried in a while. I feel like I can feel little bits of spearmint hydrating my lips. Have you ever put a stick of spearmint gum in your mouth after having a piece of ice in your mouth? It’s like that feeling on your lips.

Pastry Crisps

I got into these at my office. My old company was into having healthy snack and when you really examine it it’s not super healthy but it is kind of like getting to have Pop-Tart but with less sugar and calories.

Eden Reads

So as I mentioned a few editions back I’ve gotten really into radio theatre and dramatic readings. I started with the  This American Life series, Serial, then I discovered Morgan Freeman sound alike voice actor, Otis Jiry and pretty much listened to ever horror piece he has on YouTube.

I’ve since been listening to a few other dramatic story tellers but was very pleased when I discovered Eden Reads. I won’t say that men own the market on scary stories but they do make up for a large percent of talent on youtube in the market so it’s nice to hear some new stories and some stories i’ve heard before in a female voice.


So what are some things you can’t get enough of this month? Any new products? Shows or music you find yourself loving?

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