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Things I Can’t Get Enough of Lately IV

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I have been in serious launch mode since the end of August (I promise that’s the last time I’ll bring up my new course in this post, The Balance Side Hustle. You know the course that will give you the tools you need to make more time for your side hustle in the next 30 days. That course that will give you tips and instructions for how to make the most out of the time you have to spend on your side hustle, show you how to create a custom schedule to get things done more efficiently by figuring out what your priorities are, what your goals are and what your strengths are.)…Sorry what was I saying…

Oh I’ve been in crazy launch mode and haven’t published a Things I Get Enough of Lately… and let me tell you, I have been having my fill of goodies the past few months.

So let’s just get into all the things I’ve been enjoying lately.

4 Cheese Cheez-It 

I am a big believer in having snacks ready to go. Seriously I have the purse of a soccer mom. I keep snacks in my car and at my desk at all times because you never know when you’ll be hungry.  My coworker hooked me onto these a few weeks ago. You have one and it’s like you just can’t stop.

Cheez-It Reduced Fat White Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers, 11.5 oz

You’re The Worst (FXX)

Full disclosure this show is not for everyone. It is crude, it is slightly raunchy and it is totally my favorite show on T.V. The show is back for it’s 3rd season (and has already been renewed for it’s 4th) on FXX. It follows two dysfunctional people’s untraditional romance. One is a self destructive flake and the other is a rude narcissist. This show had me hooked from it’s first episode in 2014 but the 2nd and 3rd season has really given the actors a chance to shine and has brought real attention to important issues like depression and PTSD in veterans. Because the show is so gritty and honest it has been able to show these issues in a real light. I also really like that unlike other shows they don’t use secondary characters to highlight these issues but main characters and it isn’t something covered in 30 minutes in tied up in a nice bow, oh no, these characters deal with these challenges and even if it improves the problems are still there because depression and PTSD can’t be wrapped up in half an hour.

Easy (Netflix)

I hadn’t heard about this show until one morning I woke up, turned on Netflix and saw it. I had no idea what this show was about but I ended up loving it. Each episode ultimately focuses on one couple and it’s all types of relationships. I loved it because it showed that none of these couples have it easy, love is all about trying and figuring it out as you go sometimes. Even the happiest couples I know have differences or issues.  We’re all human. This is also a show that might be a little raunchy for some. This is a star studded cast, including Orlando Bloom, Dave Franco, Malin Akerman, Jake Johnson and the list goes on.

Ted Talks

So I have my headphones on all day at work and I probably only listen to about 30 minutes of music at work a week. I spend the rest of my time listening to webinars, radio theatre, podcasts and speeches. I never really jumped onto the whole Ted Talk train until hearing that Sara Ramirez had one. I went to look for it only to discover it wasn’t available and by the luck of the draw came across Sarah Kay. Then I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole and ended up listening to about an hour of her poetry.

Here are a few more I enjoyed:

Dianna David

Carrie Green  

American Horror Story

I know a lot of people have stopped watching this show but after Lady Gaga’s amazing performance last year I knew I had to come back for more. I love how this season is set up and am sure that it will end with a bang and a big surprise. Also can I just say I adore Cuba Gooding Jr. and I think Ryan Murphy has really given him the chance to take back his career with first The People Vs. O.J. Simpson and now American Horror Story 6.

Revitalized Grey’s Anatomy

Again, I know a lot of people have stopped watching this show and I was sure it would lose me when it killed off one of its major characters 2 seasons ago but the show has finally got some new blood! I don’t want to give too much away but it feels like the show is really back to what it used to be ten years ago.

This Is Us

Tears! So many Tears! If you ever watched Parenthood with Lauren Graham and Peter Krause then you are probably used to bawling your eyes out once a week. My best friend, Mark makes fun of me all the time because I am pretty sure I cried at least once, all 103 episodes of the 6 season series. Not even being dramatic. (If you didn’t watch it, don’t worry it wasn’t this horrible depressing show where you watched kids get bullied and people kick puppies for an hour, sometimes the tears weren’t sad tears but “happy tears” “that’s so sweet tears” or to quote the Backstreet boys, “‘ I want it that way’ tears.”)

Anyway enough about Parenthood. The show started with the premise of 4 different people who all have the same birthday and the different places they are in in their life, then at the end you discover how they are all tied together, and it’s beautifully done.  The cast is just amazing, including Justin Hartley (Young and the Restless, Mistresses), Mandy Moore (Singer, A Walk To Remember, License to Wed), Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes, Gilmore Girls) and Sterling K. Brown (The People v. O.J. Simpson: True American Crime Story, Army Wives). Break out the tissues and give it a try.

My new Blue Yeti Mic

I love this thing. I’m not going to lie about 40% of the time I go to turn it on, I end up singing half a song into it because it looks so legit, like I’m in the studio or something. I wanted to make a audio version for the email course I launched back in June (As well as have a mic for the above thing I promised not to mention again lol). Turns out a lot of the pros recommend this mic and I see why. If you’re looking for a USB mic, this one gets my vote.

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water

So I actually received this in my grab bag at #BlogHer16. As some of you may know I am not a makeup girl, not even a little bit. I keep a healthy supply of chapstick in my purse and if I’m feeling really fancy (like twice a year) I might wear mascara.  I’ve been washing my face with the store brand of Noxzema for about 15 years. But I figured why not give it a try, Garnier was nice enough to sponsor BlogHer 16 and be a hook us up with a bunch of products. I love this stuff. I have super sensitive skin so I like that it’s water based. It’s crazy because this whole time I’ve been lathering on the Noxzema then washing it off in the shower, but with the cleansing water, I’ve been using cotton pads and can see the dirt coming off. It’s a little crazy considering I don’t wear base how much dirt comes off sometimes… I’d like to thank Zumba for the gross sweat on my forehead. I love it and while the Noxzema does a good job of keeping my skin clean, I might have to switch to this stuff.

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So tell me, what have you been loving lately?



  1. candy

    Will have to check out our the Worst and Easy. Haven’t seen either. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Dia

    I love them but like I said not everyone’s taste.

  3. Liz Mays

    I’m back into Grey’s again too. They lost me when they did that horrible musical a while back, and it took me a couple years to be willing to risk it again. It’s awesome though. I’ll have to check out Easy too.

  4. Dia

    Haha I think I’m the only person who liked the musical lmao it was so cute and cheesy

  5. Valerie

    Our internet is too slow so we can’t get Netflix. Boo. I love Cheesey Cheez It’s. Yummy.

  6. Dia

    Only one of the shows I mentioned is exclusively on netflix. That is unfortunate though. Yes Cheez Its are amazing.

  7. EfabulousHB

    I too am a huge fan of TEDTalks. I feel as though the world is inundated with ways to lose brain cells. I think I’m doing my slowly dissipating intellectual prowess some good by watching more TEDTalks as of lately.

  8. Liz

    I love Ted Talks! I’ve been on a break from them but they are always a go-to when I want to learn something new.

    For me, I’ve been reading “Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness” by Susannah Cahalan. It’s an interesting story of a woman’s illness and her journey to finding out what’s going on with her health.

  9. Dia

    That sounds like an interesting book I need to check it out. Ted talks are perfect for keeping myself entertained at work.

  10. Dia

    LOL I think it’s just way more entertaining in a car ride or at the office then the same 10 songs they play on the radio.

  11. Amanda | Maple Alps

    I love TED talks too! As for Grey’s…I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it again – if not for the sole reason of having literally zero extra time for it. Hehe

  12. Dia

    I am so glad someone else has heard of it!

  13. Dia

    I’m in love with it!

  14. Dia

    That’s literally my mandatory unwind time. Thursdays me and a good friend get wine and food and just watch it and relax.

  15. Victoria Graham

    I always love getting recommendations on new shows to start watching. I am officially adding Easy to my list. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Caryn Bailey

    So I don’t watch a ton of TV but you’ve given me some great recs PLUS I really want to see This Is Us b/c I’ve heard wonderful things about it!

  17. Dia

    I hope you like it. 🙂

  18. Dia

    It is a really well done show.

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