Things I Can't Get Enough Of Lately

Things I Can’t Get Enough Of Lately

I wanted to do something fun and personal for today’s blog post. So often blogs focus so much on traffic that they miss opportunities to connect with their readers. Yeah I’m sure a post called “Things I Do to Make $4,000 a Month Blogging” would get more repins, retweets and Facebook shares than this post brilliantly called, “Things I Can’t Get Enough of Lately” but I like the idea of giving regular readers a little more insight to me and just sharing some things I enjoy I think they might.

4 Things I Can’t Stop Listening to

S Club Pandora Radio

You ever have one of those days where you just need some sunshine and are sick of the same stuff you list to every day? That’s how I was feeling so I’ve been listening to a little S Club at work

What’s inside? Songs to make the day happier. It’s crazy because I find myself still knowing all the words to songs I loved 15 years ago and having a greater understanding of the lyrics.

From Waitress the album based on the musical numbers Sara Bareilles wrote for the Musical version of Waitress- Also featuring Jason Mraz.

As you may know, I’m a huge Sara B fan. She is my favorite singer by far. And so talented. I’m also a huge fan of musicals so it’s fun to listen to.

One song in particular: When He Sees Me


Otis Jiry’s Youtube Channel

I do not do scary! I’m am a big baby. I have kept myself awake thinking about many things that I know aren’t really. I avoid scary movies at all costs, but I would swear that Otis Jiry is the white Morgan Freemon, you can’t listen to his voice and not be captivated.

Serial on Pandora

This is a podcast when reporter Sarah Koenig tells a story about a real life situation over the course of a season. The first season is about the murder of high school student Hae Min Lee and her ex-boyfriend and classmate Adnan Syed, who was found guilty or her 1999 murder. The second season talks about the capture and release of Pfc. Bowe Bergdal, this name may sound more familiar than the names from season one, remember the Pfc. who was captured while on duty and in captivity for about 5 years, then he was traded by the U.S. government for 5 Taliban commanders? Well this was already a shocking thing to happen but what made it even worse is Pfc Bergdal wasn’t captured during battle, he abandoned his post and was captured afterward. Koenig does an amazing job of finding as many facts and people to talk to each situation as she can. These interviews and details have you going back and forth, really trying to figure out the truth. I pretty much listened to both seasons in 3 days.

2 Blogging Tools I can’t do without


I have seriously stepped up my graphic came and Pinterest game by making better images for my blog posts. I’ve been able to use Canva to make stock photos my own. I haven’t even gotten the paid version and still have so many capabilities.


It is so hard to stay active on social media and have a life. I’ve been able to schedule posts ahead of time and connect with other bloggers by sharing their work by using Hootsuite.

5 Shows I can’t get enough of

The People vs. O.J.

ADDICTED! So glad I like this show. It’s so crazy watching it as an adult. When the trial took place I was in elementary. We’re all familiar with the outcome but Ryan Murphy does a great job at giving you a look into the case that makes you hang on every word of the show. The night of the finale, I got caught up and forgot it was coming on (I like to DVR shows and start them about 20 minutes later to skip commercials…like everyone else with a DVR lol) I actually said, “I forgot it was coming on tonight, I wanted to see how it ends.” Haha obviously it ended in 1995 but Murphy does such a wonderful job of making you feel for the characters you are more concerned with their emotions and watching the actors express them than the verdict. 

Crazy- Ex Girlfriend

I didn’t think this show was going to be any good but I freaking LOVE IT! Rachel Bloom is hilarious and the songs are so catchy. The emotional back and forth keeps you interested. You are rooting for the characters and it’s hard to do in a story like this one. So excited for season 2.


I wrote a review about Younger when it first premiered last year. After watching the season 2 finale, I  can’t wait for season 3 (it’s already been renewed).

The Fosters

I promise you every single episode since it’s January premier has broken me down into a pile of tears. It’s so emotionally raw and everyone is so talented. This talent really shined through in this season’s heart-breaking musical episode based on Romeo and Juliet.

The Ranch

As someone from a small town, they really got a lot of stuff right. The cast is great and did I mention Kelso and Hyde together again is amazing for us That 70s Show fans. Now I’m just waiting for Mila and Wilmer to make an appearance in part 2.

3 Drinks I can’t get enough of

Hint Water

It’s so tasty and crisp. It’s the light hint of fruit is just so nice.


I’m a huge tea drinker. Steaz actually sells a canned tea product that isn’t loaded with sugar. It comes in different flavors and you can get them sweetened, unsweetened or mixed with lemonade.

Mediterranean Coffee

One of my favorite spots to write is hookah cafes. I can go with my headphones, laptop and just get lost for hours. One particular day I was dragging and wanted something to drink that would perk me up but not basic coffee. The waiter suggested trying the Mediterranean coffee. I fell in love! I tried finding the blend at the store but didn’t see it. I am almost now certain upon further experimentation that it is just regular coffee mixed with cinnamon haha. That may not be the case but what I just whipped up at home I’m pretty sure is the same thing and It tastes amazing.


So these have been the things entertaining and hydrating me lately. What about you?

Are you watching any of these shows?

Have you had Mediterranean coffee before?

Tell me below.

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