Things I Can't Get Enough Of Lately V

Things I Can’t Get Enough Of Lately V

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A new year means new obsessions. I haven’t done this in a while because I have been all business on the blog lately. Which is fun but that’s not how I am in my day to day life, I’m about business and about fun! You may notice that this edition of things I can’t get enough of lately is high on the entertainment side and that is because I spent a lot of the first month of the year sick and so I was looking for ways to keep myself entertained.

One Day At A Time

One day down of my antibiotics I decided to watch One Day at a Time, Netflix’s modern reboot of the 1970s/1980s sitcom that lasted nine years starting Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips (who makes an appearance in the reboot). I don’t think I’ve ever seen the original, but I will say that I really enjoyed this show. It was funny, and the characters are likable. They did a really good job highlighting real issues like mansplaining, veteran affairs, coming out in a minority household and so much more. It seems like a heavy show, but I think what makes it so likable is how they present these very real situations in a way that is approachable and relatable. Yes, the lead character has issues getting help from Veteran Affairs, and actress Justina Machado does a beautiful job delivering a heartbreaking monolog about it, but you still get to see that these dark moments aren’t all encompassing. The average person just takes things one day at a time. I think it’s a really authentic look into what a lot of average people face.

Scrappy Little Nobody

You know how you meet someone and you hit it off right away? then you discover that they worked at the same store as you, go to the same hair stylist, are also double jointed in their elbows or watch that super obscure web series no one else has heard of, and you just love them even more… that’s what reading Scrappy Little Nobody was like. I knew I loved Anna Kendrick; I knew if ever given a chance we would be the perfect duo of anti-social besties. Then I read her book and love her more than I thought possible. The things she says make you feel like you aren’t a total weirdo and that you will be okay. Also, it’s hilarious!

Talking As Fast As I Can

So I am proudly a part of the O.G. Gilmore Girls crew….excuse me while I get on my “I watched it when it the WB Network was still a thing” soapbox. So as such, I’ve been pretty much open to checking out anything with Lauren Graham or Alexis Bledel (Yes, even Bad Santa). I was so excited about reading this book. I didn’t have a large amount of, “OMG, my life!” moments in this book. I did really enjoy hearing about her life and the way she told it. I found myself laughing and crying. The way she recants her early auditions and days in college. How she talks about finding love and a level of comfort she didn’t know possible with Parenthood costar Peter Krause. The way she describes the days on the Gilmore Girls sets both times. How I had to stop myself from crying like a baby every time she mentioned the late Ed Harmon. Okay, maybe I did have some relatable “in my feelings” moment with this book. Lauren Graham has this way of describing people that make you wish you knew them and felt like you do at the same time, and that is a gift.

The Big Leap

Holy cow! I can’t even think how to put into words how much this book hit me like a ton of bricks. I pretty much listened to the audio version of it in a weekend and then randomly relisten or reread parts of it on Kindle. While it’s called The Big Leap, I think it should be called, Defining and Surpassing Your Upper Limits. Without going too into the psychology behind the book, the idea is we all subconsciously have an amount of happiness or success we think we deserve (this is a limit that normally reflects something that happens during our development) and when we start to get close to it or surpass it, we do something to self-sabotage. (I am giving you a very broad understanding.) The book just showed me how to recognize why I have some of the negative feelings I deal with and also makes me realize why I have trouble in certain areas of my life. I went back and forth about what mindset book I wanted to read and then Mariah Coz recommended it, and it is seriously something I plan to learn more about. I’m about to start reading Conscious Living which is also by Dr. Gay Hendricks.

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

Another book I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying this month is The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. I don’t know where I’ve been because I didn’t discover Issa Rae until a few months ago when on a whim I decided to give her show Insecure on HBO a chance. To be honest I felt an automatic connection with the storyline. While the title character and I live very different lives, there is something refreshing about seeing someone like myself on television. I don’t mean just a “black girl” I mean someone who is educated and not the stereotypes you see on television and film so often or the over correction of the former. But this isn’t a review of the show so I’ll continue, like most books written by actors or comedians you learn about her past and how she got to where she is, her struggles of being the “white” black girl or having people ask, “Can I touch your hair,” are all too relatable. To be totally honest even if you don’t identify yourself as an “awkward black girl,” or even black at all, it’s an amusing book and might be eye opening to some not so socially acceptable things that are somehow still typical behavior.


When I was growing up I used to write religiously, I mean I write now (see blog for details lol), but I used to journal almost every night. Even now when I’m dealing with serious emotions, I’ll just start writing out my feelings, but it hasn’t been on a regular basis in a while. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a post I shared about how I was starting a nightly journaling routine. I have an alarm set every night and at the end of the night I write down four things:

  • Something I’m grateful for.
  • Something I want in my life or business.
  • Something I accomplished that day.
  • One goal for the next day.

I try my best to do this every night even when I have a hard time thinking of something. Every Sunday night I read the notes from the entire week. It takes about 5 minutes a night, but it allows me to end the day feeling focused, driven, accomplished and grateful. As someone who named her blog “All The Things I Do,” I believe that every aspect of my life should be celebrated, inspected and guided, so I don’t make myself obligated to only writing about blog or business things.
I’ve written things like, “I’m grateful for my wit,” on a day where I was feeling exceptionally clever. Other days my goal has been as simple as, “Get the laundry done.” It’s not about making a business plan or anything large scale but taking a few minutes to reflect and touch base with myself.

Beaches Reboot

Now before anyone goes on a rant about us silly millennials not knowing the greatness of the original, Beaches has been one of my all time favorite movies since I first saw it on HBO at age 10 and cried my eyes out. Besides my eternal love for Bette Middler, this film was a genuine embodiment of female friendship. Every time my family went anywhere remotely out of town I hoped I’d meet a girl and be lifelong friends… hopefully without one of us getting a horrible illness. That being said I’ll admit for the longest time I thought Barbara Hershey’s character died from exhaustion and I was worried that if my mom worked too hard, she might suffer the same fate… ah to be young again. Anyway, I was nervous to watch the reboot although I am a huge fan of Nia Long and Indina Menzel. I thought they did an excellent job of staying true to the theme of the story while updating it. Indina Menzel did a breathtaking job of covering the original songs that everyone relates to the film like Wind Beneath My Wings and The Glory of Love as well as some great original pieces, like Last Time, which literally brought tears to my eyes… Am I the only one who watches a story or movie and cries in happy parts because you know it’s all about to go to shit? Not going to lie I bought the soundtrack on Google Play.
Open your mind and give it a chance if you haven’t. Don’t go in comparing it to a movie that came out nearly 20 years ago, watch it for a modern story of friendship portrayed by two amazing actresses, one of which is an amazing singer.
My only objection was the story was slightly rushed given the original film was over 2 hours and the made for tv reboot was 2 hours with commercials.

So have you checked out anything on my list? Any new shows or books you love lately?


  1. Emily

    Scrappy Little Nobody is already on my list to read. I also love taking a few minutes to reflect at the end of the day!

  2. Reeni @ Simply Reeni

    I haven’t heard of some these shows or books so I am excited to add some to my list! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Stephanie Jeannot

    I need to get on the reading tip. I am currently reading Tarji P Henson’s book, “Around the Way Girl,” It’s pretty good. I like her. She is so funny. I still have yet to see the Gilmore Girls but really want to.

  4. Jenny

    I’ve been wanting to read Anna Kendrick’s and Lauren Graham’s books. I totally need to get on that.

  5. Amanda

    I loved One Day at a Time! It was funny and poignant, without being preachy. Can’t wait for season 2. And from the sound of it, I think I’ll have to fight you for Bestie Anna Kendrick. Definitely going to pick up her book.

  6. Channing

    I’ve been wanting to read Scrappy Little Nobody, and your review made me want to read it even more!

  7. Dia

    It’s totally worth a read. Or even a listen if you use audible.

  8. Dia

    Hope you find one you enjoy as much as I did.

  9. Dia

    That is on my list. I feel like she would have a lot of good stuff to say and be funny.

  10. Dia

    Yes! They are both really good, if you are fans of the actresses.

  11. Dia

    It’s so funny! She is awesome!

  12. Dia

    Haha you can’t have her Amanda! Yes! I totally agree about One Day at a Time.

  13. Jessica

    This is so great babe! I’m doing something similar on my site and it’s really helped me ease into giving my readers something personal from me AND get used to using affiliate links in my posts! You rock, love ya! ~ Jess

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