Things I Can’t Get Enough of Lately March 2020

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I am super pumped about this episode, because I am bringing back a series that I haven’t done since April 2018. When I started the blog five years ago, it was much more of a lifestyle brand. And I kind of fell into this whole, “Well, no one wants to hear about you. You need to keep it to evergreen content and business and things that people will find helpful for the business.” And I think because of all the shifts that have happened, I realized that I missed doing this kind of content. Plus, with the times that we’re in right now, with the whole Coronavirus and all the stress in the world and social isolation, I thought maybe sharing some of these would be some fun things you could get into while you’re self-quarantining. All of them you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, or in a way that you’re still practicing social distancing. 

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Towards the end of January/beginning of February, I decided to embark on a 30-day walking journey, because I’d gotten a fitness tracker. But I started working out or incorporating more movement, I was seeing that my daily steps and it was kind of embarrassing. More than once under 3,000 steps a day. I’m in such a sedentary lifestyle. I think especially when you work from home, it’s really easy to not move around a lot. 

I was on the dance team, I played basketball, I was a self-proclaimed Zumba diva. So for me, these past few years and not being as active has felt really gross. And I’m in my 30s now. So it’s like, I want to make sure my, my body stays healthy and in movement. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. If I don’t want to have some of the physical things that I’ve seen plague older members of my family I need to really start like getting back into moving. 

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Intermittent Fasting

Part of my wanting to be healthier was to actually give this a shot. I’d heard so much about it. I’ve known people who have lost tons of weight on it. And I just heard a lot of the benefits. And as a woman of color, a black woman, I’ve always been really not nervous but aware of the statistics when it comes to heart disease. And so I really wanted to just make sure I was giving my body that chance and I decided to dive into this. So far I have loved it. I felt like I sleep better. I feel like I’m less bloated. I feel like my energy is better. 

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The Accident By Natalie Barelli

I bought this as an amazon deal of the day and randomly started listening to it on one of my walks. .I love fiction. But I’m really picky you have to get me right at the beginning to where I want to know more, I like the narration, the characters or something just feels like I want to hear how the story goes. And that book did exactly that. I ended up walking an extra 30 minutes that day because I was so into the book. And it’s so many twists. I’d totally recommend it. 

Roswell, New Mexico

No, not the location (I have not been traveling), but the show on The CW network. I am a hardcore web 90s early 2000s kid I watched all the shows I have every season on DVD of Charmed Buffy, Angel, the original Roswell… You name it, it was my jam.  

What’s really, really awesome about this reboot is a lot of the shows just are kind of the same but with new actors or whatever. This one did a really, really awesome job that I think really helps it have such a strong base because it takes the people who were you know, around Liz and Max’s age, the two main characters of the original and instead of it being a high school romance, you’re seeing people in their late 20s. So for me, it’s like, “Oh, it’s like Roswell, but it’s for grownups and it’s like, my age still.” The characters are amazing. The show is so entertaining and Season Two just premiered and I am all about it like literally I was just waiting for it to premiere.  I think weeks before I was like, “Is it Roswell time?” The first season is on Netflix and I think it was only like 13 or 14 episodes, so it would be a really good quarantine watch. 

Bud Light Seltzer 

I’m a really big fan of hard seltzer. I think it’s light. I think it tends to be strong so you can get a good buzz from it, but it’s not heavy. I love the strawberry flavor. The lime is good. The mango is okay and the BlackBerry is doable. I think blackberry is just a really hard flavor to do. I’ve had the White Claw and the Truly and all of their blackberries or black cherries are just okay but that’s just my personal opinion but I totally recommend checking out some Bud Light Seltzer.

You can have it delivered! 

Ancient Aliens and The Unexpected With William Shatner 

The first Saturday of quarantine. I noticed Ancient Aliens was on TV and I just felt like I just wanted to be on the couch laying down and watching T.V. I had watched it a lot in college so I thought it’d be fun. I was gonna watch this since it was on it and was having a marathon and then I discovered during the marathon that it was actually a warm-up to the season premiere. There are these people called Ancient Alien Theorists. And what they do is they have these theories that a lot of things that are unexplained about creation in the prehistoric days, or lost civilizations have to do with aliens. How did they build the pyramids without the technology that we have now and, and Stonehedge insert things that don’t make sense to us? done without technology. I mean, you can take parts of it with a grain of salt. It’s just a fun and interesting watch. 

After watching Ancient Aliens, The Unexplained with William Shatner came on so I continued to watch. It dives into different things that are either not very well understood or unexplained. The first episode was about ancient civilizations and how they just disappear and sharing some theories around why that is. And the second episode that came out was about cults. And as someone who’s also a true crime junkie, I’ve always been really interested in cults and the mentality of these people who create them. And I even learned about some that I did not know about, and it was really interesting. 

Honorable mentions

Jon Solo 

Autumn Bates

Once Upon A Crime 

Step Into Your Moxie By Alexa Vernon 

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