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Hello from NYC and #blogher15. I have had such a crazy few weeks with my birthday and preparation for my first time in New York. I’m writing this post from my hotel room looking out at the city and totally feeling like Carrie Bradshaw, minus the awesome closet and having my besties near.

I selected a wonderful article for this week’s Good Read suggestion haven’t had time to work on it so instead this blog will be short and sweet.
Today I want to start my new monthly feature; Things I Follow.
Things I follow is my way of introducing you to the blogs I subscribe to, the newsletters I look forward to and the sites I have marked in my favorites.
Things I Follow…… The
Last week I finally hopped off the slow train and discovered The Skimm. I honestly feel like every millennial should be subscribing to this daily newsletter (Monday- Friday, they like weekends off, too). The Skimm is the best way for Millennials to keep up with what’s going on in the world without having to read the newspaper cover to cover. The Skimm provides summaries of events foreign and abroad (and even in outer space. Holla at cha Pluto) in a way that is easy to understand and remember. Imagine if Twitter was just a small group of tweets that only reported facts, that’s what The Skimm basically is; condensed bits of news with the option to learn more.
I have only been getting the emails for a week and already look forward to them every morning.
I work with older people who read the paper,watch Good Morning America and talk about politics for fun (part of the reason I stopped eating my lunch at the office) so it’s nice that The Skimm gives me enough information to understand what they are talking about and even contribute or form an opinion.
Don’t get me wrong, The Skimm newsletter won’t make you an expert on foreign policy but a combination of it and the links to more details pieces on their site will definitely put you in the know.
The Skimm doesn’t blow up your email or bring you down the way local news can (No Debbie Downer here), it just tells you how it is in a way you can relate too and with a splash of humor.
You can subscribe to the Skimm here.


  1. William N.

    Have you seen Briefing ( It offers a refreshing approach to the news, satisfying audiences beyond the Skimm’s niche. Through a website and daily email, Briefing synthesizes and contextualizes the day’s most influential stories in three minutes or less.

  2. Dia

    I checked it out after seeing your comment. It does seem to address a larger format of news but I do like how The Skimmm feels like my best friend is telling me about the news.

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