How to prevent overpacking

Things to Read: How to Prevent Overpacking recently published an article titled, How to Prevent Overpacking by Reema Desai. As someone who is a chronic over packer and lover of travel I had to give this a look. Desai shares 6 amazing tips to avoid overpacking.
One of her recommendations was to only use a carry-on. This is something that I find to be very helpful when I get the urge to over pack. I have a fear of my luggage getting lost, so whenever possible I only travel with carry-on bag. This has totally put my over packing in check.

Another great recommendation was to coordinate with your travel companions. There is no sense in you both bringing items you can share. For example, you can share a tube of toothpaste. Save space by making sure you aren’t doubling down. Also remember that hotels offer most toiletries like lotion, soap, shampoo and conditioner.

My own personal tip?

Wear larger shoes on the flight.  If you have to take those knee-length boots save yourself the luggage space. I normally wear boots or wedges on the flights along with jeans. Jeans are the perfect travel item because it is more than socially acceptable to wear jeans multiple times between washes. Most of my trips are about 3-4 days. I normally wear dresses but jeans are perfect for the plane ride to and from my destination.

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One pair of jeans, a cute top (because you never know who you will run into at the airport on the plane, at the hotel lobby..etc… I live in San Antonio and have seen my fair share of Spurs players at the airport) and nice shoes but comfortable shoes. I look cute but am comfortable on the flight. I also saved room in my luggage.

How are your packing habits? Do you under pack? Overpack? Tell me your stories below! 
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