Do I talk too much?

Things to Read: 15 Things Only Talkative People Will Understand recently published a hilarious article by contributor Francesca Marinaro, “15 Things Only Talkative People Will Understand.” I found this article delightful and sweet. As someone who talks so much she felt like she needed her own website, I completely agree with it. I normally try not to expand too much on articles I select for, “Things to Read” but considering the topic of conversation I’m going to make an exception. (But please go check out the full article!)

My Top 5

“You end a lot of your conversations with an apology”
I am historically guilty of this! I send at least one multi-page text message a day and it’s always followed by a Sequel titled, “I’m sorry for the novel.” We have a lot on our mind and just want to share every detail. Plus I think I make the mistake of over-explaining because my mind is a bit of a messy swampland with undiscovered life, therefore not always easily translated to normal English.

“You’re famous for maxing out your Twitter API limit on a five-minute direct message conversation”
140 Characters?!?! I love twitter! Don’t get me wrong but I often have to pull out my thesaurus just to find a shorter synonym for the perfect word. 🙂

“You interrupt yourself”
Remember when you were a child and you would get super excited about something and unintentionally interrupt people’s conversation? Being talkative is like that… sometimes you say something that reminds you of something else, then you get excited and just shift gears without thinking only to ask 5 minutes later, “Wait, what was I telling you about?”

“You’re the first person everyone expects to fill a lull in the conversation, and you’re always willing to rise to the challenge”
I don’t know if I’d call any of my friends shy, but some are definitely less socially inclined than I am. A group of guys comes over to our table during girl’s night out? I’m typically the one who becomes buddies with them and decides who should flirt with who.

“You’re actually an excellent listener”
I have two theories as to why your talkative bestie is a great listener.
1. They talk a lot and know how nice it is to be heard, so they want to provide their loved ones with the same feeling.
2. They realize how much they talk and subconsciously figure if they pay attention they won’t be considered conceited.
Whatever the reason, I try to listen to my friends when they talk. It is hard not to monopolize some conversations, but most consciously talkative people can determine when to listen and save their conversational powers for good and not annoyance.

Do it for love,

Edited by M.L. Scarbrough



  1. Kristin

    “You end a lot of your conversations with an apology”

    YES!!! I always feel so bad at the end of conversations sometimes!

  2. Becki S

    Lol I had to laugh at the interrupting yourself one! Great find, thanks for sharing and hitting the highlights.

  3. Dia

    I’m the worst at that…”blah blah blah…wait what was I saying”

  4. laci

    Hahahahha absolutely love this and 140 characters is absurd lol !!!

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