How do I deal with criticism?

Things to Read: How to Handle Negative Criticism

We all love to hear how great we did. We love receiving praise but no one likes receiving criticism. ¬†Even the most constructive criticism makes me feel defensive and slightly attacked. The Every Girl posted an article, How to Handle Negative Criticism by Daryl Lindsay, that really puts criticism into perspective. We work so hard on things, it can be difficult to hear someone doesn’t think you are as amazing as you do but a lot of times criticism can really help you approve it you can recognize when it’s constructive and genuine.

I think that one of the best lessons is to stop and think about the source and the context. Sometimes it’s hard to see your own faults. I mean sure, we are our own toughest critics but when you are really passionate or try your hardest on something it can be hard to see it with clear eyes. Reverse the rolls. Have you ever had a friend or a coworker do something that you didn’t agree with? Maybe your coworker made a suggestion to fix a client’s problem and you pointed out a huge flaw in their logic. You weren’t saying the person is stupid or even anything negative about them in general. You just were able to identify something that they couldn’t because they were too close to the idea. Try to take yourself out of the equation and think about the logic behind their criticism. If someone else did the work or came up with this idea then the criticism was made would you agree with it?

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Also when you stop to listen to the logic behind the criticism without taking it personally then maybe you will be able to come up with a way to overcome their objection by reworking the situation or adding an additional step to your idea.

Lindsay does an amazing job of making you think about criticism as subjective advice instead of a personal attack.

Check out the article and let me know what you think.

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