Tips For Picking The Right Project Manager

You’ve decided it’s time… you’re ready to bring on a Project Manager to help you get to the next level in your business.  First, congratulations, this is a big step and you will soon wish you’d made the choice sooner (if you pick the right one).

On this episode of Creatives Crushing Anxiety, I share tips for picking the right Project Manager for your business and how you can empower them for results. Bringing someone into your business can be scary but the right person can let you propel your movement and start making huge strides.

In This Episode:

  • Why a Project Manager is a smart hire.
  • Ramblings about my love of Batman 🙂
  • How to make sure you’re ready for a Project Manager.
  • Common traits your Project Manager should have and habits you can spot before you start working together.
  • How your personalities play a role in the success of your business relationship.
  • What to do when things don’t feel right with your Project Manager.


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Now tell me:

  • Have you started building your team?
  • What was the first hire you made?
  • When hiring for your team what is a trait you look for?
  • What is a deal breaker?

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