Tips For Working From Home

In this episode, I share my tips for working from home. As someone who has been doing it for 5 ½ months now I’m basically a veteran. Just kidding but I do feel like I started recently enough that the pain points and lessons I’ve learned are recent enough that they are fresh in my mind.

I  dive into the lessons I’ve learned and the adjustments I’m making to make the most of the opportunity I’ve created to work virtually. Some of these may apply to you and other you may not understand (how do you forget to eat?!?!) either way, these come from my heart to yours.

Here is a preview of the tips:

  • Tips for staying hydrated and fed. Because you can forget to eat with a fridge just steps away. Mix it up. Because monotony can be the killer of joy.
  • Cut it off. Because even Oprah sleeps.
  • Take Breaks. Because you’re strong as hell but still a mere mortal.
  • We have the technologyBecause it’s time to stop having meetings that should be emails.
  • Don’t live in your inbox. Because it’s a trap. 😉
  • Set Clear Expectations.  Because of no one like redundant back and forth.
  • Find Your System. Because it will help you cover your butt.

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