TOP 10 POSTS OF 2016

Top 10 Posts Of 2016

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Last year when I did my yearly wrap-up of top 10 posts, I discovered three things. First that it was fun to go back and see what posts people enjoyed and how they matched up to my personal favorites. Second, I got a very good idea of what kind of content my readers wanted in 2016. Third I realized this was an excellent way to introduce top posts to newer readers who may have missed them.

This year was crazy, not just for me but for America in general so without further ado let’s jump right in.

7 Ways to Rock Being Maid of Honor

This was a post I made when trying to figure out what to do for my best friend’s wedding. I’d been maid of honor before the summer before my senior year of high school and to tell the truth, I don’t feel like I crushed it. I mean I was 17, so bars and strippers were out lol I was also working at Sonic Drive-In, so I didn’t exactly have “Money to Blow.” I’ve known Karen since the first day of high school, and her family was like my family and vice versa.  I wanted to make sure I covered all my basis, and she had a fantastic time. This list compiles the things you are expected to do as maid of honor and tips to make it easier.

Spring Cleaning Your Phone

You can “spring clean,” your phone year around. My mom was taking pictures at Christmas after finally getting everyone up and ready to take them and about two photos in says, “Oh wait I have to delete some stuff. I’m out of memory.” This happened to me all the time before I got a memory card, started doing daily backups and routinely running through the list in this post to keep things manageable. It was just a few ideas to make extra space on your phone and get rid of digital clutter.

8 Things Bloggers Wish Their Friends Knew

This was probably my first post ever to go, “viral.” It wasn’t an instruction piece or a giveaway; I think a lot of people just really related to it. I think many bloggers read it and thought, “Oh wow, this is me!” Which is a great feeling when you read something. Knowing that other people relate to or understand what you are going through or feeling is something everyone wants. I’m not saying I wrote a groundbreaking piece of literature; I just spoke the truth about my personal experience and what I wish my friends understood.

How to Design Your Blogger Business Card

I got my blogger business cards back when I decided to attend Blogher 15. I had no idea what to expect, but I remember thinking that it was a good idea to have them. Growing up I had this thought that business cards might have been the sign of a serious professional. Yeah, I understand that now anyone with a printer or $20 can make business cards, but they just always made me think, “Oh you fancy.”  When I decided to create mine I had no idea what to put on them.  I didn’t want to go to New York and hand out my personal phone number to every Tom Dick and Harry, I certainly didn’t want to give them my address. So that’s kind of how this post came out, I wanted to help other people who might be trying to figure it all out.

7 Reasons Visitors Aren’t Becoming Subscribers

This was one of those posts that resulted from me examining what was going on in my email list. I also took a second to think about the things I found kept me from signing up for other bloggers’ email lists. This was kind of a post I was scared to hit, “publish” on. I mean I felt confident in what I was saying, but I knew there was a chance for backlash from people asking, “Who was I to make these claims?” The post didn’t stem from a place of, “Oh I’m the ultimate authority of email lists and queen of list building,”…no definitely not. Ha ha. It came from, oh I see these annoyances a lot, or I’ve made these stupid mistakes.  

5 Things You Need to Accept If You’re a Blogger

I wrote about the different things I’ve had to accept during my time as a blogger. I’ve had to work hard to grow a thicker skin since really deciding that my blog was going to be a part of a business and not just an online lifestyle journal. There are little things I remind myself when I see a mean comment or feel like I am putting too much on myself. I thought the funniest thing was I got a few responses like, “I’d say these are things you’d have to accept if you’re a writer, not just bloggers.” That’s entirely true, and bloggers are writers, but I was writing this for bloggers specifically. The funny thing about the human expense is a lot of things apply to a lot of people without trying. Hopefully, anyone who felt that way at least accomplished the feeling that they are not alone in these struggles.

5 Times You’ll Be Happy You Said No

Written later in the year I have no doubt that if I had written it earlier in the year, it would be a lot higher on the list. The amount of love I got from this post was heart touching. There was a big campaign for saying “Yes,” for a while, and I think it’s great but in that it seemed that once again, “no,” became a dirty word. I wanted to take a moment just to remind people it’s okay to say no and that sometimes it’s actually for the best for everyone involved.

Blogger Facebook Groups 101

So this is the first post I needed to take a second and review because to be totally honest, the details had escaped me. Well looking at my tips for not going crazy in the whole Facebook group world I still feel pretty on point with these. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in Facebook groups Looking at my Facebook profile; I’m in 18 different groups. That number makes me want to do a social media purge. I feel like other people may have this little-overwhelmed feeling as well so it makes sense that other bloggers ought to give it a read and see what advice I have.

10 Tips For A Better Night Sleep

So I have a long history of sleep issues. I think it all started when my now ex-boyfriend was working in Afghanistan. Those issues never entirely went away. I start trying any and everything to deal with it because we all know how horrible the effects of not enough sleep can be.When I got the opportunity to try ZzzQuil, it seemed like the perfect time to put together a collection of the things that worked best.

Why You Need to Update Old Blog Posts

While it is true that it is better to be done than it is to be perfect, that doesn’t mean you can’t come back and improve later on. We work so hard on our blogs and content why not get every drop of awesome, connection building and marketing out of it as possible? This post shares little ways you can update your posts to improve them, get new eyes on them and be sure they follow the direction you want your blog to take.


I published a lot of articles and blog posts this year. I got the opportunity to work with several brands, and I really feel like I found my voice more. Feel free to check out any of the posts mentioned above that caught your eye.

Now tell me, do you check to see which posts got the most love at the end of the year? Did your findings shock you?



  1. Kim and Kalee

    I can totally relate to the things you have to accept as a blogger. I’ve been blogging 5 years (4 full-time), and it was hard to get that tough skin. Personal development and a better inner circle really helped me grow though. I also loved your post about what bloggers wish their friends knew! So true!

  2. Dia

    We all need it sometimes!

  3. Dia

    Have a great new year!

  4. Dia

    Thanks Kim! I agree with that, I feel like my thicker skin and myself draw strength from my tribe online and off 🙂

  5. Jenny

    So many good posts in 2016! I can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2017.

  6. Dia

    Awe! Thanks Jenny! Same to you!

  7. Jessica Sheppard

    These topics are all super great! I need to reread the ways to get a better nights sleep. Seems I usually don’t allow enough time to get the rest I need. Love your post to regain boundaries and margins in our lives! So good!

  8. Sharon

    These are all great posts! You just inspired me to clean out my iphone haha. I just downloaded the Google Photos app to clean up space on my phone.

  9. Dia

    Awe thanks Jessica!

  10. Dia

    Thanks for stopping by Sharon. Google apps in general are my jam! lol

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