Tweets from the future: 10 Social Media Posts I’d like to be making in 2025

Sometimes figuring out where you are right now is determining where you’d like to be in the future. Knowing what you desire or what you don’t want can help you see if you are at least on the right path for getting what you want or if you are heading down a road where you will only end up where you don’t want to be. Maybe by sitting down and just deciding what you want in your life and who you’d like to become, no matter how vague or detailed can help you decide what you should be doing now.

I am composing a list of random writing prompts that I will be releasing exclusively in email and as I find myself with major writer’s block I thought I’d try one and this one felt like the right way to center myself and get the creative juices flowing.

Here are 10 Social Media Statuses I’d like to make in 2025

  1. Happy 36th birthday to me! 40 is the new 30 right? So I’m basically a really successful 26 year old.
  2. After many talks the novelization of All The Things is being developed as a television show on FreeForm!
  3. Having drinks with the lovely Blake Lively after our interview at Blogher25!
  4. Heading to San Diego for  a weekend getaway with the Hubby. Ready for that perfect weather and sometime with my man.
  5. 10th Annual sister’s trip this week! London here we come!
  6. So proud of my nephew, my heart and mini me Trea for graduating high school today. I’ll be the one trying to get your mom to keep it down.
  7. I am beyond excited to announce we have finally taken the steps to grow our family. Meet our new Lab Boe! (insert photo of cute black lab)
  8. Heading to the Cosmopolitan 60th anniversary event. So grateful for the opportunity to work with this historic and game changing women’s publication.
  9. Holy shit! MTV has stopped making shows and finally is back to just playing music videos…. #backinmyday #backtobasics #amitoooldtowatchmtv #arewestillusinghashtag 

10. Just had an amazing day out with my mom! Alway a good time for a massage and pedicure.

Coming up with 10 was harder than I thought but reading them over 3 things are really clear; I want to be close to my family, I want to keep traveling and I plan to be a major lifestyle/blogging boss.


What are some social media post’s you’d like to post 10 years from now?

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