Using Human Design in Your Business with Ann Bellow

This week I talk to my dear friend and fellow Tabwoo Institute Graduate, Ann Bellow. Ann Bellow is a Human Design Pro and has created a system to support her clients to be totally aligned business owners.

My apologies ahead of time because both Ann and I are Manifesting Generators so we talk fast and excited and also zoned in our our type a bit. 

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In this episode: 

  • How Ann uses Human Design to help her clients make sales easy. 
  • The way she discovered it and how it rocked her mind.
  • How she has helped her clients and empowered them since discovering this tool. 
  • She gives us a crash course in the Human Design Types. 
  • Some key differences between Manifesting Generators, Generators and Manifestors.
  • Using the types to better understand and direct your coaching clients. 
  • Predictions for 2027 (not a typo) in regards to Human Design
  • How understanding your partner’s and child’s Human Design type can be beneficial. 

You Can Find Ann Here:

Ann Bellow is a biz & Sales Coach for the ambitious female solopreneur who is ready to stand out & Book Out her signature service. Through knowing yourself, liking yourself, & trusting yourself, you can accelerate your biz & have the consistent clients & Income you want!


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What is your Human Design type?

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