Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Hello all!

Let me start by saying I am not getting married  but my best friend is! Since it is only 10 days until Valentine’s Day (Or 10 days until the Walking Dead depending on who you are….) it seemed  like  a good time to share my first post in my Maid of Honor Wedding Series. Don’t worry I’m not changing he blog focus, if you’re a blogger looking for tips and tricks to grow your blog Monday is still the time for you to come visit . Over the next few months be sure to check back for more tips to make your bestie’s wedding day amazing!

Since Christmas just passed and Valentine’s is around the corner you’ve may have gotten  or will be getting the, “Will you be my maid of honor” call. How exciting!

How she asked!

Before I get into the Emergency Kit List, I have to share the story of when my best friend “asked” me to be here maid of honor. It was the end of last summer, I had went back home to visit and we had gone to get drinks at a local bar.

We’re sitting there for about two hours,  she had been talking about her wedding and how excited she was. She’d been engaged for a while and had been texting me about it but hadn’t even mentioned her wedding party or my potential role in it.

Now what you need to know about me and Karen is we’ve been friends since the first day of high school in first period Algebra class, not only were we classmates but coworkers at a time and sisters from another mister. Her mom refers to me as her “Black daughter.” When my nephew was born, Karen was at the hospital…I wasn’t even there! Our families have accepted that our lives are intertwined.

She knows all my secrets and vice versa. So for me to bluntly ask her the following question is totally normal in our relationship.

She had just finished talking about her guest list and I said, “Karen, am I in your wedding?”

She laughed and goes, “Duh you’re the lady!”

“The lady?”

“You know….what’s she called? The main lady.”

“You mean the Maid of Honor.”

“Yeah, that!”

So since that night we often refer to my role as “The lady” instead of the MOH.

MOH a term I became familiar with the first time I was a maid of honor (MOH) when I was 17.

So let’s get into the Wedding Day emergency checklist.

While the bride is the MVP, as maid of honor you’re the team captain and it’s your job to make sure your team has anything and everything they may need on that day. Here is my list of things you don’t want to forget.

Emergency Kit List

No flyaways in this bridal party.

See the above item for details.

  •  Safety pins

Because let’s be honest, you should always have safety pins.

  •  Feminine Products

Because mother nature doesn’t care about the wedding.

  •  Pain Reliever

Because sh!t happens.

  • 5 Hour Energy

Because sometimes you need to rally.

  • Breath Mints

Better choice than gum, you don’t want to be responsible for someone walking down the aisle chomping like a horse.

  • Protein bars

More than likely it will be a long day and if it’s a late wedding it may be a while till dinner, we don’t want any fainting bridesmaids.

  •  Pepto- Bismol or Alka-Seltzer

Because there is probably at least one nervous tummy or hung over bridesmaid.

  • Wet wipes

Even if it’s not a wedding these are great to always have.

  •   Toothbrushes and toothpaste (go crazy at the dollar store)

Having strawberries and champagne in the bridal sweet….strawberry seeds in your teeth not great for wedding photos.

  •   Deodorant


  •   Clear or flesh-toned Band-Aids

No one wants big ugly band-aids in their wedding pics.

  •   Sugar (preferably some kind candy that isn’t sticky or won’t stain)

Again it’s a long day. Make sure you keep the allergy up.

Bridesmaids dresses are known for ruining lives (is that a dramatic thing to say?) be ready in case something needs to be adjusted or taped in place.

  •   Emergency C

Is Pam sneezing? Lock that down, Pam! We don’t want any members of the team going down. And we definitely don’t want our MVP sick on her honeymoon.

  •   Phone Chargers

Have the backs of your fellow bridesmaid. Trying to have an Android and Iphone charger ready for use. There are going to be a lot of picture perfect moments at the reception.

  •   Facial Tissue

For Pam’s damn sneeze! And crying wedding party members. 

  •   Nail clippers and file

A badly snagged nail on a lacy wedding dress can only lead to wedding day tragedy.

Because poor Bethany grows facial hair astonishingly fast.

  •   Baby Powder

Great for keeping sweat at bay.

  •   Mini Sewing Kit

Because there is normally at least one fashion emergencies in every bridal party.

  •   Razor

Because Lexi always forgets to shave the back part of her legs.

  •   Lint roller

More than likely the bridesmaid dresses will be new and there won’t be a need for this but better safe than sorry.

  •   Floss sticks

For those damn strawberry seeds.

  •   Eye Drops

No red eyes on this team.

  •   Extra earring backs

They are so little! If you drop them on the wrong carpet consider them lost forever.

  •   Static cling spray

There is a good chance your super clingy mesh dress will have some static issue. (Small tip, never apply the static cling spray too close to the dress or on the outside layer, in case it leaves marks.)

  •   Sunblock (outdoor wedding)

No burning on this team.

  •   Lighter

A lighter is again one of those things that is always good to have. You may need to sterilize something, light a candle to calm the brides nerves….who knows just have one!

Sorry for so much the sports analogy. It’s Superbowl week and I have football on the brain. But I bet this is the first blog post wedding post you’ve read that uses sports terms as an analogy. 🙂


Be sure to look out for more pieces in the series and as a bonus for reading you can download the Wedding Day Emergency Kit Check List!

So now tell me…

Did I forget anything vital on the list?

Have you been maid of honor before and crazy stories?

Are you married? Anything you wish had been in the bridal room while you were getting ready? 



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