What Colleges Should Really Be Teaching

I’m proud to say I’m a college graduate. I really am. I worked my ass off for 5 years, got myself in a heap of debt all to get that coveted piece of paper that says, “She is qualified!”

Ahh, outside validation.

But there is a lot missing in education.

You’re forced to take math, science, language, writing and language but what about the life skills you really need? Here are some courses I think should be implemented into the college curriculum.

Career: Dealing with annoying coworkers 101

Gif From Giphy
Gif From Giphy

We all have at least one coworker we find annoying. Even if it isn’t constant there have been times you want to go full on Robin Scherbatsky when they talk.

There should be a course that teaches you how to tolerate them without heavily drinking after work.

The course should also cover ways to get people to respond to their email because we all know how annoying it is when someone doesn’t respond to your email or asks you a question that you emailed them the answer to days ago.

Relationships Foundations : How to break up with someone like a mature adult

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Gif From Giphy

Neil Sedaka said it best, “Breaking up is hard to do.” It really is, for both parties (albeit probably harder for the person being broken up with than the person doing the breaking up). It’s the end of a connection and a goodbye to what might have been. I for one am deeply worried about the next generation because my generation is really horrible at ending relationships.

Instead of having the “balls” to break up with someone, people in my generation have decided to just ghost, text or unfriend.

This course will give you the proper tools to sit someone down and tell them without being cruel, inconsiderate or unclear that your time together has ended.

Happiness: Letting go of crappy people

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Gif From Giphy

This course covers recognizing and getting rid of people you don’t need in your life. These people include but aren’t limited to backstabbing friends, nosey Nancy’s, deadbeat significant others and fair-weather friends.  Are you wasting time and energy in relationships that only bring you down? Then this course is for you!

Finance: How to properly use a credit card and build a budget

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Gif From Giphy

In the past few years thankfully credit card laws have changed but “in my day” 18-year-olds had a bullseye on their back as far a credit card companies were concerned.

Why is it not part of the freshman curriculum how to build credit and make a budget? Seriously, as if student loan debt wasn’t enough of a blow to the gut, we have to graduate with it AND credit card debt? No thank you, just a semester teaching students how to stretch and save the income from their mall job after class to avoid accumulating a month’s salary of credit card debt would be amazing.

(For Guys and Girls) Life Skills: How to make at least one non-Ramen-inspired meal, change the oil in a car and fix a flat tire.

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Gif From Giphy

Everybody could benefit from these skills. Because frankly Ramen is super bad for you and if you drive should know some basic car maintenance.

Social Media 101:

Photo From Giphy
Photo From Giphy

Section 1: Don’t put all your business on Facebook

I’m sure this will offend some people, but calling your baby daddy out on social media is not cute! It might make you feel better and him look like a deadbeat but it also paints you as the dumb dumb who got knocked up by one and as someone who would smear your child’s father publicly where your child might see one day.

Section 2: Private isn’t private

I love a confident sexy selfie, but if you are rock star wasted know that photo is just a few searches away from being on a potential employers desktop.

The appropriate level of drunk for an office party

Gif From Giphy
Gif From Giphy

Short course….sober. I have been at a few events where I was allowed to get my drink on but you have to remember don’t get crazy. You will have to sit next to these people at the Monday meeting you don’t want them imagining you as a hot mess throwing back (or spilling) your 6th glass of chardonnay.

What are some things your college left out of its curriculum?



  1. Christina

    This is great. I love the first one! That video had me cracking up- love that show. And I have to agree with you, especially about the credit cards. I’m honestly surprised they don’t teach you something like that.

  2. Miriam

    Great lessons and laughs here. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Joely Smith

    LOL but honestly this all should be taught in High School!
    Still college in the states is far different from in other countries. No one should be taking some of these classes past high school! College should be shortened to 2 years instead of 4 and focus only on the career of choice!
    Funny article though!

  4. Lakisha

    I love all of your Gif’s especially the HIMYM one. I’m almost done with college and I keep asking myself what I am doing it for but it’s too late to turn back, so let’s just enjoy being able to say we did it.

  5. Dia

    Thanks! Haha I don’t care when they teach it just add it to the curriculum lol

  6. Dia

    You’ll be glad you finished! And I had good times during it but man some lessons are missing lol

  7. Wendy

    Fab post, Dia, I love humour with underlying truth! It’s the same the world over – teaching a load of stuff that you won’t ever use in the real world. I wonder if it will ever change?

  8. Mar

    I’m a recent graduate and I second this motion! Heck I think it would be good to teach this in high school!

  9. Dia

    Haha I hope the education system does start to add in some of this stuff.

  10. Dia

    Haha I doubt everyone would be paying attention but maybe offer it in both lol

  11. Izabela

    Funny post. I think that you should learn these things at home from your parents.

  12. Brittany Bly

    So funny! Sometimes people don’t even learn this stuff in their 30’s.

  13. Dia


  14. Dia

    Lol yeah it was all for laughs. Not everyone learns these things you should learn in life on their own lol

  15. Dia

    Sometimes the parents don’t know lol I’ve seen that.

  16. Elizabeth O

    What a riot! On a serious note, I’m with you on all the life skills we ought to learn in school. I’ll say let’s start teaching them in elementary school and keep it going.

  17. Dia

    Yes. You know how some subjects or lessons you hear every year these should be apart of it. If you can remember the Alamo you can remember not to put all your personal business on Facebook. Thanks for commenting

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