What Happens in Vegas: Sisters Edition

Me and my sister have never been close. It’s not a complaint or a bash, it just is what it is. We have two extraordinarily different personalities for having been raised in the same house by the same woman. I’m sure that happens a lot… I suppose nature and nurture are both at play.

So when we decided to go to Vegas together this past April I was curious about how things would go.

Okay not curious…nervous.

Most of my friends didn’t understand, especially my friends who are super close with their siblings. Simply put we are just different. For the most part we talk maybe twice a month and those conversations aren’t because one of us wants to hear the other’s voice… it’s normally to discuss a specific topic or ask a certain question. Those conversations last for a while and then one of us normally tells the other, “Well you’re not talking about shit so I’m hanging up.”

I know it sounds like we hate each other but that’s just our dynamic.

Well you’re not talking about shit so I’m hanging up,” is our version of “Well gotta go. Love you! Bye!

I know my sister loves me and I love her even if she annoys the hell out of me when we are together for more than 10 minutes.

So to be honest, the trip started on a frustrating note.

I was flying out of San Antonio and she was flying out of Dallas. Our planes were scheduled to land about 15 minutes apart, her’s arriving first. The plan was for her to wait for me and we would shuttle or taxi to the hotel together… of course that didn’t happen.

Her flight was leaving earlier than mine, but we were texting as I went through security. I told her I wasn’t sure if there would be a seat for me on my flight because it looked busy. She told me she was boarding and to let her know. Luckily I made the flight and before turning my phone on airplane mode I texted her, “Just got on the flight see you soon! Viva Las Vegas!

Unbeknownst to me I didn’t realize my sister had never been on a flight before (Poor thing apparently got really sick and of course the middle seat she found herself in didn’t have a barf bag in the seat pocket…but that’s a story for another time). Never having flown and being exhausted from waking up at 3:00 a.m to drive to Dallas for her flight, it didn’t click for her that the message I sent at 6:40 a.m would register as received at the time she turned airplane mode off on her phone 9:45 a.m. Seeing this she figured I had just gotten on a flight and wouldn’t be in Vegas for at least another hour so she left the airport.

I landed about 15 minutes later and called her, “Where are you?”

“I’m at the hotel. You said you just got on the plane. I wasn’t going to wait all day at the airport.”

I explained the technicalities of airplane mode to her and she told me to go get a shuttle pass, “from the man outside.

Well as you can guess with those stellar instructions I couldn’t lose.  I went out and got a two way shuttle pass (one to get to the hotel and one to return to the airport at the end of the trip), this is not the pass she got.

After stopping at about 5 different hotels and 45 minutes later I met my sister at a casino game.

We didn’t hug. We both said hey and then she taught me how to play 21.

Us taking pictures with Beyonce and Prince ('s clothes)
Us taking pictures with Beyonce and Prince (‘s clothes)


Check-in wasn’t until one, so we were both wiped out and I was starving. The hotel graciously held our bags and we decided to see what was nearby while we waited. The peace lasted for most of the morning as we went to Jimmy Johns for food and then the liquor store and CVS to start the party early. We checked our liquor and headed to the bar (sorry sis, what happens in Vegas goes on the blog). We played the machines and enjoyed comped drinks for a while but the exhaustion was hitting pretty hard, so we decided to try and sweet talk ourselves into an early check-in.

We waited in the reception area for about an hour and finally got into the room to take a nap.

Afterwards we stopped 2 different taxis hoping for a ride to the Strip, both said, “No” (I didn’t respond very pleasantly to the second no).

Eventually we gave up on going to the Strip that day and googled a buffet to hit up and walked about 30 minutes to some really good BBQ.

BBQ VegasI wanted the trip to be a chance for us to have one of those television-type sibling relationships so I brought it up.

“How come we aren’t closer?”

“Cause you don’t like me.”

“I do like you. I just don’t like that you pick on me all the time.”

We resolved that a lot of our tension came from misunderstanding… me taking her sisterly bullying with too much sensitivity and her thinking that my vicious tongue meant I could take it as well as I gave it…. basically I can dish it but not take it. (An entirely differnt issue in itself, I know.)

That conversation died down and we started talking about something else, that’s lost on me now.

We we’re defeated from the long day and walking, we ended up drinking in the room after dinner and our pre-turn up nap turned into a sleep.

Best part of breakfast
Best part of breakfast

The next morning we decided to hit up the Hard Rock Cafe for breakfast and drinks. Afterwards we decided to take our complimentary glasses back to the room before trying again to go to the strip.

We went and dropped off the glasses and then the trouble started.

My sister had gotten a bus pass so she could take the bus, I obviously didn’t have one. We wandered for about 20 minutes and I suggested we go see if the hotel offered a shuttle.

The next thing I knew in the parking lot of the Hard Rock Hotel we were fighting. I had been to Vegas before so I should know how to get to the strip (I went the summer I graduated college with some friends and stayed on a totally different area of town). She had messed things up by not waiting for me at the airport. I was ruining her vacation. She was getting on my nerves. She always had to drive me to work when I was 15. I  didn’t get a new car when I was 16 because she wrecked her car… everything exploded.

“You’re being a (Adult language)”

“Well (adult language) you. We don’t have to hang out!”

“Fine (adult language) you too.”

She headed to the bus and I headed back inside the Hotel. I was livid. I had gotten her a free plane ticket to Vegas and she wanted to act like that?!? Ugh!

So I did the only thing a 25-year-old who had just been in a screaming fight with her sister could do…  I called my mom.

“Your daughter is the rudest person I have ever met!”

“Ya’ll are fighting already? I was so proud, I thought my girls were finally bonding.” (It only took 25 years Mom.)

I explained what had happened.

“You know she’s gonna get hungry or something and call you.”


I stewed and waited for about an hour and decided to be the bigger (although younger) person.

I texted, “Let me know when you go ziplining because I want to go.”

She responded, “I just went. Come, it’s fun.”

“What a bitch,” I thought.

We planned 2 activities for the entire trip; go ziplining at Slotzilla and eat at the Heart Attack Grill and she did one without me. I swallowed my hurt feelings and pride and texted back, “Okay, I’m coming that way.”

I took a $35 taxi to Old Vegas and met her there.

Not only did she go without me she had made friends! When I arrived I met them, then her and I headed so I could go zip-lining

In hindsight, it worked out better for me, as she had to pay $25 for her ziplining photo, but since she had already gone she was available to take photos for me. (Which made up for her half of the taxi I took.)

After my ride (which you can read about here) we did some souvenir shopping, drinking and grabbed a snack before heading back to the room to prepare for our meal at the Heart Attack Grill.

We got all dolled up and headed to the bus stop (which we thought she had figured out) We ended up waiting for a bus for 45 minutes. We raced down the strip only to discover the restaurant had closed. Hungry and disgusted we stopped at a McMullan’s Irish Pub for food and drinks.

We saw a pretty good local band there and the food was amazing (although it may have been a result of hunger.)


We returned to the room to kill the rest of the vodka we’d bought and get some rest because my sister’s flight was early.

All and all it was a fun trip and although I told my mom, sister and anyone who would listen I’d never travel with her again, we are planning another trip for 2016… but with our other sister (a buffer).

Do it for love,

Have you traveled with your siblings as adults? How’d it go? Tell me about it below.


Edited by M.L. Scarbrough



  1. Pris

    Sounds like quite a trip! My brother and I aren’t too close though we love eachother but I think close proximity is end up getting annoyed (he is overly cautious and overprotective). Funny enough you made me wish i had a sister just to know what it’s like.

  2. Dia

    Lol I have 3 if you’d like to borrow one of them and we all all different but at the end of the day you love them just the same.

  3. Carrie

    Title says it all! great post love the pictures 🙂

  4. Shantel

    I can definitely relate to this. My sister and I are 11 months apart and while we have pretty much been in each other’s live’s 24/7 we are not really close. We’re like night and day.

  5. Dia

    We are 5 years apart and grew up together but haven’t lived in the same city for nearly 8 years so it was definetly bond to be an interesting trip lol

  6. Dia

    At the end of the day it really was. My mom lost her big sister about 7 years ago so I know I am lucky to spend time with mine.

  7. Ashley

    I don’t have any siblings, but it was interesting to read about how you don’t get along. It was very honest. A lot of people try to seem to convince the world that they are “best friends” with their siblings. Glad you enjoyed (some of) the trip! Vegas is a lot of fun.

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