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Processes For A Great Client Experience

You are kickass at what you bring to the table. Your clients love the work you do for them but setting up the behind the scenes moving parts is just as important as providing value and results. As your business grows if the right systems aren’t set up your attention to the service will be distracted. In this episode, I share the systems and processes you need in place to provide a great experience. The great thing is these systems aren’t rocket science they may take some time to  set up but once they are you’re cooking with gas!

Keep in mind once your have these systems set up you will need to create workflows that help you streamline your business in them. My favorite thing is to just take each big task and sit down and write what you do from step a to z. For example; if you publish a podcast your tasks may look like: outline, record, edit, show notes, publish, share. Just writing that broad outline can help you more easily break down the smaller tasks and make your day to day easier.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The systems you need in place for a smooth client experience.
  • Some of my favorite options for business systems.
  • Why you need a support system in place.


Episode Outline:

Program Platform
Client Specialist
FAQ Page
Email System
Scheduling and Client Relationship Manager
Internal Calendar
Your Client Facing Process Path
Progress Tracker/ Accountability
Client Communication Platform
Payment Portal

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Mentioned in this episode:

Program Platform

Client Support Specialists 

Email Platform

Scheduler/ Calendar  

Customer Management System 

Payment System

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