What to Pack on a Wine Tour

Photo Form Pixabay
Photo Form Pixabay

If you’re anything like me, marathon drinking got a lot harder after 25. So if you’re planning on doing an all-day wine tour it’s important that your pack and prepare for the long haul.

While the different locations typically provide free water, the shuttle does not. Staying hydrated will not only help you survive the day of the tour but also the day following it. (We hate wine hangovers!)

Sorry if you are anti carb but this was so helpful for us. I typically go for something easy to snack on like crackers or goldfish.

Fruits or Veggies
When I think of foods to keep me sober I don’t usually head for the fruit tray but this time I was really glad I brought fruit. I opted for strawberries and grapes. Fruit was a great snack to have because it was sweet and also not too heavy. Also it was a way of getting extra potassium and vitamin C that we otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.

Beef jerky
The reason this was such a great pick was because it was portable protein.

And finally…

The purpose of a wine tasting is to “taste” the wine. No server at a wine tasting has ever been accused of having a heavy pour. Unless you purchase a bottle there you aren’t likely to get a huge buzz. Most tour shuttles allow you to bring your own alcohol so bring your favorite bottle for the ride.

And in honor of Scandal Thursday an Olivia Pope Gif 🙂

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Happy Tasting


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  2. Mia Stachura

    Glad you thought of all of this for our wine tour! The extra wine was a great idea that I wouldn’t have thought of because I’m of the personal belief that they should definitely be giving us more wine at the winery!

  3. Dia

    Now we also know drink the cheap wine before the fancy wine because some people get spoiled. 😉

  4. Dia

    I hope you get to soon! It’s a great mini vacation and the snacks made a world of difference.

  5. Genie

    Thanks for the tips! Planning on going wine tasting with my friends soon!

  6. Maria

    Great read! I LOVE wine!!!

  7. Dia

    I hope it helps! Have a great time!

  8. Dia

    If you haven’t been on a wine tour I totally recommend it!

  9. Diane

    Great tips! (Except the bottle of wine – from the wine tours I’ve been to in Michigan, Colorado & California, they do have a heavy pour – and SO MANY to sample). Hmmm… it’s probably time to plan another one. Thanks for the reminder. 😀

  10. Dia

    Then that’s awesome lol the ones in Texas don’t our heavy. It was more of a sip than a sample.

  11. Joanie @ Zagleft

    Great list. My husband and I go to Sonoma at least once a year and it’s so important to make sure to have snacks. All that wine tasting tends to sneak up on you. Pretzels and water are items we always bring with us.

  12. Vicky @ Avocdo Pesto

    Love going on wine tours/tastings but yes always gotta come prepared with your own backup wine!

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