Why Boundaries Are Necessary For A Productive Business


Today we are talking all about boundaries. This has been something that has been an ongoing battle for me in my life, creating boundaries, both in part my personal relationships and my professional relationships. The reason being it’s really hard for somebody with my personality type to feel like they’re letting people down. This sometimes results in me agreeing to things that I don’t really want to do or have the time to do, or putting other people’s needs above my own. It’s something that I’ve been continuously working on and I’ve definitely gotten a lot better at it. But I think that a lot of people have this issue, so I wanted to share why boundaries are necessary to have a productive business and also a happy life.

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So You Stay On Track

When you don’t have good boundaries, and you’re constantly letting clients change dates, change tasks, add on to the agreement that you’ve already had and so many other things that can mess up your productivity. One of my favorite quotes is a lack of preparation on your part doesn’t warrant an emergency on mine. Yes, there are emergencies. Yes, there are exceptions. Things come up. You definitely have to kind of judge that on a case by case basis, but you need to make it your default to not bend those boundaries and to not try to accommodate everyone’s needs and everyone’s urgencies. Yes. You want to provide your clients with an amazing experience, but you don’t want to do it at the cost of your sanity or the cost of other clients.

Avoid Resentment

This is probably not something that you thought you’re going to see on this list, but it is very, very, very true. When you’re constantly changing your schedule, losing sleep, doing things for people where you’re rushed and are anxious because it wasn’t on your calendar, but now they need it, you’re gonna start feeling resentful towards them. I’ve been in that situation with a client before where I had not set the boundaries around my availability and I made myself way too available. And so I really started to resent this person and would honestly flinch every time I heard a slack notification or I saw her name pop up on my phone.

The thing is when you set boundaries and you stick to them, and you make sure other people respect them, then something very eye-opening happens. They either respect your boundaries, or they don’t and you know that that’s someone that you don’t need to work with.

Self Care 

Letting people break your boundaries is not good for your mental health. That’s not good for your physical health. So you really want to make sure that you have these boundaries in place because you will burn out. Burnout is real. If you’re not sticking to your boundaries and having those windows of relaxation and rest then You’re doing so much damage to yourself. And once again, if you have that resentment that’s so unhealthy for you. So you definitely want to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and that your boundaries.

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