Why You Need to Update Old Blog Posts

Remember when you started blogging and your posts may not have been the best and even if they were well written you they didn’t get a lot of attention because you hadn’t exactly mastered the whole SEO and online marketing thing?

Don’t let those ideas die in the blog graveyard, bring them back to life.

Don’t let those ideas die in the blog graveyard, bring them back to life. Click To Tweet

When I start blogging I was churning out content on a daily basis and I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t all that great.

The ideas behind the posts were admirable but I was trying too hard to be a nonstop content machine because I was sure that was the way to get more readers and grow my following.

Never mind actually creating good content with pin-worthy images or thinking about SEO.

Over the past 6 or 7 months, I’ve been working hard on my brand, business, and blog.

I won’t walk you through my entire marketing and content strategy but I will tell you some key things I did:

  • I decided what I wanted to focus on.
  • I defined my target audience.
  • I changed my menu titles and blog categories to make things more clear, concise and focused.
  • I installed Yoast SEO to make sure my posts were better equipped for Google.
  • I started utilizing tools like Canva for graphics and Hootsuite to keep myself present on social media.

But what about the posts themselves?

I am a very organized person to the point that it’s a little bit dorky. I keep all my blog posts on a spreadsheet organized by month with the blog post title, URL, category and a few other things.

When I changed the menu titles on my blog I had to go back and evaluate all of my old posts and decide where they belonged in my new game plan. When I did this I realized a few things including; some of those posts weren’t very good, some of them weren’t very long (We’re talking less than the 300 words Yoast recommends) and some of them didn’t have graphics.

I published dozens of posts last year so it wasn’t like I could sit down 2 hours after my 8:30-5:30 (9-5? Ha I wish) and update them all but I did need to start incorporating that into my schedule. Every so often I go back and reread older posts and take about half an hour to improve them and then add it into my social media rotation to see if I can get more engagement on it.

Ways you can improve your older posts

Update the graphic

Maybe I was just late to the game but I feel like it was only last summer bloggers really started raving about Canva and using it to create killer images for their blogs and businesses. So I’m sure there are a few blog posts that could use little sprues.

I love quotes so as space fillers I would pick quotes and talk about what they meant to me. Now quotes can make for great graphics and get lots of engagement on social media. Too bad my quote graphics looked like this:





(I haven’t gotten around to updating them all yet, so no trash talk lol I’m a work in progress.)

Thanks to Canva I’ve been able to make better graphics like this one:

Do whatever floats your boat

Make the SEO elves happy

If I knew then what I know now…. But good thing it’s not too late to add SEO.

When I started my blog I had this ill-informed notion that writing good content and putting it online was all it took. Now I know a lot of components go into making a blog successful and one of the biggest is SEO.

I didn’t have an SEO plugin so I wasn’t creating focus keywords or snippet preview. I wasn’t checking to see if my blog titles contained stop words or not. I was holding myself back.

If you don’t have an SEO tool get one!

Fix your writing mistakes.

I have been writing for as long as I remember. Writing blogs, journals, novels, stories, plays, songs and poems my whole life. I’ve been blogging and freelancing professionally for 3 years and running All The Things I Do for a year and a half and I am still always learning.

I follow bloggers who have been writing professionally for 10 years or more and they will admit they are still learning. Because things change, we grow, our opinions change and as our experience happen we have more things to say.

I cringe at some of the things I wrote a year ago. I also will go back and be hit with inspiration for new ideas. A lot of bloggers will go to other blogs to get inspiration but you can totally get inspiration from your own blog.

  • You can do an update on an old post with new information. Think follow-up piece.
  • You can add text and create an E-course from it that provides more information.
  • You can create a social media challenge based on it.
  • Make a podcast episode from it.

I think of it like this, my blog is a huge part of my brand and professional appearance to the world so anything that isn’t my best work is a reflection on me and I need to do whatever I can to improve it.

Do you ever go back and update your blog posts? What are some things you did when you started out that make you cringe looking back? What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned? Tell me in the comments.


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